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March 2012 - New Product Release

Pointwise Training, 11-13 April, Frankfurt, Germany

Pointwise is offering its European customers the opportunity for personal, hands-on training at a three-day course 11-13 April in Frankfurt, Germany. The course will include the basics about how to use Pointwise for generating meshes for CFD, as well as introduce new features in the latest version of the software. The course will be comprehensive, so no prior experience is required.

This is the only training course planned by Pointwise, Inc. in Europe this year.

The daily course hours will be from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. It will be held in the Mercure Hotel & Residenz. The fee for the course is US $500.

Our expert instructors will equip you to quickly generate high-quality structured, unstructured and hybrid grids; give you tips and tricks for handling tough problems and speeding the grid generation process and guide you through hands-on examples to reinforce your learning.

More information about the course, including travel, lodging, and registration, can be found on our website at www.pointwise.com/training.

photo of attendees at a Pointwise training course

Pointwise training courses fill rapidly.

The class content for each of the three days is as follows:

Day 1

Introduction: Pointwise basics will be reviewed, including the GUI, terminology and meshing concepts.

Database Creation: You will create a simple 3D database model using the most commonly employed database tools, including curve and surface creation and the layer manager.

3D Structured: Building on the database model you previously constructed, you will practice creating connectors, domain and block assembly, using the structured elliptic solver and more.

Day 2

3D Unstructured: You will create a simple 3D unstructured grid using more techniques for curve creation, grid point distribution, the unstructured solver and more.

Extrusions: Tackle all the extrusion types supported by Pointwise – Normal, Rotate, Translate and Path – and face assembly for extrusions.

3D Hybrid: Assemble different topology types into a single grid, including mixed grids with prism or hexahedral viscous layers.

Day 3

Solid Modeling: Use Pointwise's solid modeling capability – model and quilt assembly and surface trimming – to overcome inconsistencies in CAD data and make meshing more efficient.

More Tools: Delve deeper into Edit tools, connector dimension and distribution commands, Glyph scripting and other tools.

T-Rex: A thorough overview of the concepts underlying the anisotropic tetrahedral meshing (T-Rex) tool will equip you to use this powerful tool, including setup in the unstructured solver, using push attributes for top-down mesh control, and prism recombination from the resulting tetrahedra.

Register today to take advantage of this special, close-to-home training opportunity.

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