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The Connector, the newsletter for CFD Mesh Generation from Pointwise

March / April 2011

Pointwise User Group Meeting 2011

Pointwise User Group Meeting
Call for Papers

We are seeking computational fluid dynamics (CFD) enthusiasts who want to share their Pointwise or Gridgen meshing successes with the CFD community. Join us... (more)

Your Grid Needs a Tweak

Sometimes All Your Grid Needs
Is a Little Tweak

It's a small feature with a funny name, but sometimes Tweak can make the difference between a grid and a bunch of points on which you can't compute an accurate or converged CFD solution. The dictionary defines tweak as "to adjust; fine-tune" and that's exactly... (more)

Video Learning

Automating Porous Flow Meshing with Glyph

At Oregon State University, researchers in the Computational Flow Physics Lab (CFPL) are using large scale, high resolution simulations to better understand flow through complex porous media. Both arranged and random sphere packs... (more)

How-to Video for Axial Turbine Meshing

New Video: Multi-Block Grids for
Axial Turbines

A two-part video recently added to the Pointwise website walks you through generation of a multiple block structured grid on the Aachen Turbine, a high stagger angle axial flow turbine. Testing was performed... (more)