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New Product Releases - March 2011

Pointwise Version 16.04 R2

Pointwise Version 16.04 R2 is available now for production use. It is a maintenance only release - many bug fixes but no new features and the first compilation of bug fixes for production use since V16.04 was first released.

One particular issue was resolved with the addition of a new preference and command line argument. If you want Pointwise's file browsers to start in the directory from which you launched the code, you have two new options:

  1. You can set the "File Dialogs Start in Current Directory" setting in the Preferences menu.
  2. You can use the "dirmode" command line argument.
File Dialog Setting in the Preferences Menu

A new preference setting lets you start file dialogs in the current directory.

More Information and Downloads

You can read about all the fixes in the Resolved Issues section of the Release Notes: www.pointwise.com/library/pw_ReleaseNotes.pdf.

The new release is available for download from our web site: www.pointwise.com/support/dload_pw.shtml.

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