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The Connector, the newsletter for CFD Mesh Generation from Pointwise

New Product Releases - March 2011

Gridgen Version 15.17

Gridgen Version 15.17 Released

Gridgen Version 15.17 is now available for production use. It contains two major new features related to the T-Rex algorithm for hybrid mesh generation. Thin surfaces, wakes and other off-body phenomena now can be resolved and overall cell count can be... (more)

Pointwise Version 16.04 R2

Pointwise Version 16.04 R2 Released

Pointwise Version 16.04 R2 is available now for production use. It is a maintenance only release - many bug fixes but no new features and the first compilation of bug fixes for production use since V16.04 was first released. One particular issue was resolved with the addition of a new preference and command line argument. If you want... (more)