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July / August 2015

Welcome to Let's Talk Meshing's #TutorialTuesday

If you follow Pointwise on Twitter (@Pointwise) or YouTube (CFDMeshing) you may have noticed several fast-paced, weekly videos appearing in your feeds. These videos are produced by Pointwise engineers and are released every Tuesday under the hashtag #TutorialTuesday on Twitter. We have also created a YouTube playlist with the same name.


Figure 1: Our #TutorialTuesday videos demonstrate a single feature or short meshing process. +

As the name suggests, #TutorialTuesday videos are instructional videos no more than three minutes in length that highlight a particular feature or workflow in Pointwise. While our webinars and webcasts cover more advanced topics and the entire meshing process for a specific application, #TutorialTuesday is focused on quickly getting you the information you need to perform a particular action. For example, would you like to learn how to select adjacent entities? We have a video for that. Need to mesh a fillet or curious about fault tolerant meshing? We have you covered.

DIY Training

What are the long-term plans for #TutorialTuesday? We plan to convert each video to a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) training exercise on our website. There are already a number of pages highlighting many different features and as additional #TutorialTuesday videos are released, more DIY pages will be created to support the video content. With the conversion of #TutorialTuesday into DIY training, our aim is to give you even more ways to learn how to use Pointwise effectively.


Figure 2: Visit our Do-It-Yourself training page at www.pointwise.com/DIY to get step-by-step instructions on how to perform a particular action in Pointwise. +

Other Videos

Beyond the #TutorialTuesday and DIY videos, we have a large library of video content available on our YouTube channel. Here you will find all of our recorded webinars, where we discuss various CFD application areas including turbomachinery, aerospace, marine, and automotive grid generation often with the help of a customer or software partner. We also offer a number of webcasts, pre-recorded videos where we have demonstrated the entire grid generation process for complex geometry, introduced our Glyph scripting language, and discussed how to get started with Pointwise plugin development.


Figure 3: The Pointwise YouTube page is packed with plenty of grid generation video content including our new #TutorialTuesday playlist. +

Follow Along

The videos go live every Tuesday morning. The best way to be notified of a new video is to follow us on Twitter and watch for the #TutorialTuesday hashtag, or subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch the #TutorialTuesday playlist.

Thank you, and have a pleasant Tuesday!

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