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The Connector, the newsletter for CFD Mesh Generation from Pointwise

July / August 2011

T-Rex Hybrid Meshing in Pointwise

T-Rex Hybrid Meshing in Pointwise

3D anisotropic tetrahedral extrusion (otherwise known as T-Rex) will be released soon, but the 2D surface mesh formulation of T-Rex already is available for you to use in Pointwise V16.04. You might think of T-Rex surface meshes as just symmetry boundaries for a T-Rex volume mesh, but they also... (more)

CFD Study of Semi-Covered Wheels

CFD Study of Semi-Covered Wheels

Many sports cars have wheel covers that can generate additional lift over that of uncovered wheels. This computational fluid dynamics (CFD) study investigated the aerodynamic differences between semi-covered and isolated wheels. It was carried out as... (more)

Modeling a Shipping Container in a Tsunami

Modeling Shipping Container Velocity during Tsunami Conditions

The risk that tsunamis pose to coastal structures is not just from the wave impact, but also from the impact of debris that is carried by the fluid flow. Shipping containers are ubiquitous in coastal locations and represent a realistic debris object. For want of a better approximation, it is often assumed... (more)

Training at the Pointwise UGM

Come Up to Speed at the Pointwise User Group Meeting

Customers who attend the Pointwise User Group Meeting 2011 on 8-9 November will be the first to see and learn how to use the new features in Pointwise V17. The first day of the Pointwise User Group Meeting will be dedicated to hands-on training on some of our newest and most exciting features. Pointwise V17 will be the first Pointwise release to support... (more)