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The Connector, the newsletter for CFD Mesh Generation from Pointwise

January / February 2014

Pointwise's 20th Anniversary

How The Journey Began 20 Years Ago

November 2014 marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of Pointwise, Inc. With only one-third of all new businesses surviving… (more)

Automate Meshing

Five Steps to Automate Meshing via Scripting

The holy grail of the preprocessing world is to be able to produce in the blink of an eye a mesh that meets every grid quality criteria imaginable around any arbitrary geometry. In reality, discretizing the… (more)

Rocket Nozzle Optimization

Computational Optimization of Rocket Engine Nozzles

The primary aim of this project was to investigate the capability of using modern commercial computational fluid dynamics (CFD) packages (Pointwise and ANSYS Fluent®) as tools for analysis and design of rocket engine nozzles. It should be noted… (more)

CFD Beratung for Pointwise in Germany

CFD Beratung - Pointwise Silver Distributor Since 2011

CFD Beratung became Pointwise's second Silver Distributor in 2011, a level maintained by owner Dipl.-Ing. Uli Fuchs since that time. CFD Beratung became Pointwise's distributor in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 2003. In addition to distributing… (more)

O-H grid topology demonstration

Video Tutorial Shows O-H Topology Step-by-Step

This 11-minute video reveals the answer to one of our most frequently asked questions: how to create a circular structured grid. It introduces how to… (more)