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The Connector, the newsletter for CFD Mesh Generation from Pointwise

January / February 2011

Get 10 Free Licenses With Our Teaching Partnership

Prepare your engineering undergraduate and graduate students for their real-world careers with CFD mesh generation software used by engineering professionals around the world - Pointwise and Gridgen - and do it for free. The Pointwise Teaching Partnership Program gives you 10 free licenses for use in your class.


  • Students gain experience with CFD software that prepares them for their careers after graduation.
  • At no extra cost, licenses are available for use in a class or lab setting.
  • The software is fully supported and documented and not limited in any way - just like the full professional version.
  • You receive the training materials including sample files we use to teach our customers.


  • Apply by sending us a short summary (200 words or less) of how your students will be using Pointwise/Gridgen software and what applications you will be working on.
  • Send us a teaching license certification letter.
  • Share with us a success story: a written report of at least 500 words and at least one image showing a Pointwise/Gridgen mesh or flow solution around a Pointwise/Gridgen-generated model.


  • Must be a recognized academic institution.
  • Must have two current annual Gridgen/Pointwise academic licenses or two current perpetual licenses with current maintenance.
  • Must use the licenses exclusively for a class or lab and not for paid research.


For all the details, see www.pointwise.com/teaching.

"The undergraduate students picked up the Pointwise code very quickly and easily. The user interface is so intuitive and 'familiar' that neophyte CFDers were quickly building high quality grids."

     --Dr. Jed Marquart, Ohio Northern University

"It is my opinion that students should be taught to use grid generators that are compatible with all major flow solvers. Gridgen and Pointwise offer this important compatibility. I would like to continiue as a Pointwise Teaching Partner and use Gridgen in my Vehicle Aerodynamics and Computational Aeronautical Fluid Dynamics courses."

     --Dr. William Engblom, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

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