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New Product Release - December 2011

We're Hiring Engineers

If you love mesh generation for CFD as much as we do, here are three positions you'll be interested in. We have immediate openings for two engineers on our Tech Support Team and openings for a software developer and lead developer on our Product Development Team.

Technical Support Engineer

On our Tech Support Team, you'll work directly with customers on their CFD cases, helping them generate meshes and resolving any issues that arise along the way. Each day is unique with an ever changing array of applications. You'll also contribute to customer education through development of training materials and product documentation. Of course, generating your own meshes for benchmarking or quality assurance also is part of the job. For more information on this position, see Technical Support Engineer on our website's Jobs page.

Software Development Engineer

Our Product Development Team has primary responsibility for writing and maintaining our software products. The core skills we're looking for are proficiency in C++, Qt, OpenGL, and Tcl/Tk. If you also have cross platform development experience, knowledge of multi-threaded and parallel applications, and a strong mathematics background, you're even a better fit. For more information on this position, see Software Development Engineer on our website's Jobs page.

Lead Software Development Engineer

Take the skill set of a software developer and add the ability and willingness to be the go-to person on the team and that's what we're looking for in a lead engineer. If you have the knowledge and experience to understand a large code base and then share that knowledge with others, you are a candidate for development lead. For more information on this position, see Lead Software Development Engineer on our website's Jobs page.

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