Gridgen End-of-Life

As originally announced in January 2016, support and maintenance for Gridgen has officially ended with the release of Pointwise V18. Pointwise will stop providing Gridgen license files six months from today on 6 March 2017.

Despite being unsupported and unmaintained, Gridgen is still available for use by licensed customers who have a need to use this legacy product. The two types of Gridgen license are described below.

Current Perpetual Licenses

Upon request, customers with existing Gridgen perpetual licenses will be sent a non-transferable, permanent (non-expiring) Gridgen license file. Request this permanent license file using the form at

Current Annual Licenses

Customers with active annual licenses can purchase a non-transferable, permanent (non-expiring) Gridgen license. This offer will expire on 6 March 2017. Please contact Pointwise or the Pointwise distributor for your region for more information about purchasing a Gridgen license.

More Information

For more information about the Gridgen end-of-life, please see Pointwise's Gridgen End-of-Life Announcement at

It has been over four years since Gridgen was last updated. During that time, all new innovations and maintenance patches have been added to Pointwise only. If you have not done so already, start your transition to Pointwise by reading about what is available in Pointwise V18 and then consider attending one of our Pointwise Training Courses.

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