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Let's Talk Meshing


Let's Talk Meshing, Presented by Pointwise

Let's Talk Meshing Events

Pointwise's Let's Talk Meshing interactive forums encourage discussion about various mesh generation topics through webinars, webcasts, and live events. We will apply Pointwise to solve a real-world problem or demonstrate a novel technique to accomplish a meshing task and then you will have the opportunity to ask questions and comment about what you saw.


Pointwise's Let's Talk Meshing Webinars

Participate in a live webinar and interact with the presenters during the Q&A session. Our webinars usually involve someone from Pointwise and one of our technical partners demonstrating Pointwise and other software applied to an engineering problem. The formal presentation is usually around 30 minutes which leaves plenty of time for a lively question and answer session.


Pointwise's Let's Talk Meshing Webcasts

Watch a prerecorded mesh generation webcast posted to YouTube and then participate in a live Q&A session with the Pointwise engineers who produced the webcast. You will interact with the engineers via the comments section on YouTube and Twitter #LetsTalkMeshing.

Big Wave Surfboard Optimization Using Pointwise & CRUNCH CFD
25 April 2017 at 10 a.m. CT (UTC-5)

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User Group Meetings

Pointwise's Let's Talk Meshing User Group Meeting

Attend a two-day event where you will receive a full day of Pointwise training, hear about and give input on our future plans, participate in a short course, sit in on presentations about CFD and network with computational fluid dynamics colleagues from around the world.


Pointwise's Let's Talk Meshing Workshops

Attend an in-person workshop and receive training in Pointwise's latest and most powerful capabilities, participate in a short course and learn about our product plans. At our workshops our technical support staff will walk you through the best approaches to solving meshing problems using Pointwise. That means we are showing you the newest methods in Pointwise. You also get to preview new features under development.

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