Pointwise Pre-Release Notes


The resolved issues listed below are for our pre-release build that will be included in our next major release of Pointwise V18.0. These builds are referred to as “release candidates” and are provided to you because you reported a problem which they may resolve.

Please note that you may see new features in some of these release candidates. You are welcome to use those new features but note that these builds have not been documented nor have they gone through our extensive release testing process. It is possible you may encounter new issues while using them.

Resolved Issues

Release 5 Candidate 6

Release Date: February 1, 2018

SPR Description
PW-20952 The CAE, Set Boundary Condition task now opens quicker and has less delay between assigning BC’s.
PW-20943 The UMCPSEG CAE exporter has been added to the CAE Solver menu.
PW-20935 Corrected an issue preventing correct Fluent Export of a grid.

Release 5 Candidate 5

Release Date: January 10, 2018

SPR Description
PW-20917 Suggar++ 2.9.1 could not be used for remote execution.
PW-19864 Database import of an IGES file failed to import a surface that should have been included.

Release 5 Candidate 4

Release Date: December 13, 2017

SPR Description
PW-20389 A Step file did not import properly when using Model Size from file.
PW-20512 The Match BC did not produce the desired results on a symmetry plane.
PW-20775 Delay Skew Criteria was not working for a particular block.
PW-20856 Undo of File, Import, Grid caused a crash.
PW-20861 Quilt splitting caused a crash.

Release 5 Candidate 3

Release Date: November 29, 2017

SPR Description
PW-19744 Examine now provides the Cell Type function for domains.
PW-20304 An unstructured domain failed to initialize.
PW-20400 T-Rex Push Attributes was not working properly for Periodic domains with T-Rex Match BC applied.
PW-20804 A connector Merge operation was causing Pointwise to crash.
PW-20806 Under an unusual circumstance opening a Pointwise native file caused a crash.
PW-20810 Algebraic extrusion was failing due to a render issue while using a Total Height Stop Criteria.
PW-20827 Import of a UGRID file was requiring excessive memory.
PW-20837 Projection of a domain was taking much longer in V18 than it had in V17.

Release 5 Candidate 2

Release Date: October 24, 2017

SPR Description
PW-12827 A Reset button has been added to the Preferences, Background frame.
PW-17871 UGRID hybrid cells and volumes can now be imported.
PW-18777 The verbosity of Pointwise can now be controlled with the Glyph command “pw::Application get/setVerbosity.”
PW-19968 The Shift+F2 zoom shortcut now works within certain functions such as Edit, Split.
PW-20795 The CM-Soft Aero Solver was not including Volume Condition names.

Release 5 Candidate 1

Release Date: October 2, 2017

SPR Description
PW-20755 Structured blocks were improperly being reported as unbalanced.

Previous Versions

Pointwise V18.0 R4
Pointwise V18.0 R3
Pointwise V18.0 R2
Pointwise V18.0 R1