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Support Request Form

Technical Support

Thank you for taking the time to contact us with your meshing questions, concerns, or problems. By sending us your questions and reporting problems you encounter, you give us the opportunity to share recent bug fixes or work-arounds, identify potential problems, and teach other useful skills. We look forward to receiving and resolving your request.

Support Tips

  • Need form help? Click on the ? and a small window will open with a description of the item.
  • All form fields marked with a red asterisk * are required.
  • Prefer to speak to a support engineer on the phone? Call 800-4PTWISE.
  • Want to send us sample files? Email us at support@pointwise.com to make arrangements.
Information About You
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Your Question or Issue
Use the following space to send us any questions you may have about Pointwise. If you encountered a problem, please provide a detailed description of what happened, including (if possible) the steps that lead up to the behavior in question.
Paste here any error messages or log files written when the problem occurred.
Your Topic(s) of Concern
Layer Manager
Creating Database Entities
Creating Connectors
Creating Domains
Creating Blocks
Connector Grid Points
Structured Grids
Unstructured Grids
Grid Extrusion
Modify Commands
Miscellaneous Commands
Analysis Software Interfaces
Your Computer & Pointwise
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