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Current Candidate is V17.3 R5 C4

The current release candidate is Pointwise Version 17.3 R5 C4 (i.e. the 4th candidate of the 5th release of version 17.3).

Important Notes:

  • If you are currently using a version of Pointwise prior to V17.3 R1 and wish to upgrade to the latest version, you will need a new license file:
  • Pointwise should be installed on a workstation that meets our supported platform requirements. Please check your workstation prior to installation:
  • The files on this page are intended only for existing customers. If you are not an existing customer and are interested in an evaluation of Pointwise, please request a free trial.
  • The files on this page are packaged with a Java Runtime Environment (JRE). If your system already has a JRE that is Version 1.5 or newer, you can download installation files without a JRE from the “No JRE” Pointwise Release Candidate download page.

To see which issues were fixed in this version of Pointwise, please refer to our Resolved Issues documentation.

Installation Instructions & Checksum File
License Server and Pointwise Pointwise License Management and Installation Reference Guide  
Checksum File md5sums  
Complete Install of Pointwise V17.3 R5 C4
Platform right click, Save Link As Size (MB)
Windows 32-bit pw-V17.3R5-win32-jre.exe 496.1
Windows 64-bit pw-V17.3R5-win64-jre.exe 505.8
Linux 32-bit pw-V17.3R5-linux-jre.sh 517.9
Linux 64-bit pw-V17.3R5-linux_x86_64-jre.sh 522.2
Mac OS X 32- & 64-bit pw-V17.3R5-macosx.dmg 591.8
Complete Install of FlexNet V11.11.0 License Server
Platform right click, Save Link As Size (MB)
Windows 32-bit pwflex-V11.11.0-win32-jre.exe 27.2
Windows 64-bit pwflex-V11.11.0-win64-jre.exe 31.9
Linux 32-bit pwflex-V11.11.0-linux-jre.sh 26.7
Linux 64-bit pwflex-V11.11.0-linux_x86_64-jre.sh 27.0
Mac OS X 32- & 64-bit pwflex-V11.10.0-macosx.dmg 51.3

Right To Use License

The terms of the agreement under which you may acquire the right to use the software include the "Right To Use License" attached hereto or accompanying the software. Your purchase, license, receipt, or use of the software constitutes your acceptance of all the "Right To Use License". Please read the Right To Use License.