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Pointwise Quick Start Guide

The current production release is Pointwise Version 17.3 R5.

Before You Begin

  • New customers and evaluators: Start with Step 1 and install the license server and Pointwise.
  • Current customers: Start with Step 6 to upgrade Pointwise to the latest version.


Watch this video of how to install the FlexNet License Manager and Pointwise. Then walk through the steps yourself.

2. Verify Compatibility

Verify that your computer is compatible with Pointwise using the Supported Platforms page.

3. Download the FlexNet license manager.

Complete Install of FlexNet License Server
Platform right click, Save Link As Size (MB)
Windows 32-bit pwflex-V11.11.0-win32-jre.exe 27.2
Windows 64-bit pwflex-V11.11.0-win64-jre.exe 31.9
Linux 32-bit pwflex-V11.11.0-linux-jre.sh 26.7
Linux 64-bit pwflex-V11.11.0-linux_x86_64-jre.sh 27.0
Mac OS X 32- & 64-bit pwflex-V11.10.0-macosx.dmg 51.3

4. Install the FlexNet license manager.

  1. Run the FlexNet installer.
    1. IMPORTANT: On Windows, install FlexNet as Administrator.
    2. IMPORTANT: On Linux, do not install FlexNet as root.
    3. IMPORTANT: On Mac, do not install FlexNet as root.
  2. Accept the Right-to-Use license and use all defaults for the installation.

5. Request, receive and install a license file.

NOTICE: If you are currently using a version of Pointwise prior to V17.3 and wish to upgrade to the latest version, you will need a new license file. To obtain a new license file, please use the Pointwise License Request page.

  1. Start your web browser and open http://hostname:8080 where hostname is your computer's name. This is the FlexNet License Administration web page.
  2. Click Administration and login using User Name = admin and Password = admin.
  3. Change your password.
  4. Copy from the System Information tab the Host Name and Ethernet Address.
  5. Go to the License Request page on our website.
  6. Enter the information requested by the form. Make sure you paste the entire contents of the Ethernet Address into the Host ID field.
  7. After submitting the form, wait for an email to arrive with your license file. (This may take several hours depending on time of day.)
  8. Save the license file to disk.
  9. Return to the FlexNet License Administration web page and go to the Vendor Daemon Configuration tab.
  10. Click Import License.
  11. Browse to the location the license file was saved in Step 8. Click Import License.
  12. Click OK.

6. Download Pointwise.

The current production release is Pointwise V17.3 R5.
Platform right click, Save Link As Size (MB)
Windows 32-bit pw-V17.3R5-win32-jre.exe 496.1
Windows 64-bit pw-V17.3R5-win64-jre.exe 505.9
Linux 32-bit pw-V17.3R5-linux-jre.sh 517.9
Linux 64-bit pw-V17.3R5-linux_x86_64-jre.sh 522.3
Mac OS X 32- & 64-bit pw-V17.3R5-macosx.dmg 591.9

7. Install Pointwise.

  1. Run the Pointwise installer.
    1. IMPORTANT: Install Pointwise as Administrator/root.
  2. Accept the Right-to-Use license and use all defaults for the installation.
  3. When installation is complete, the Pointwise FlexNet Tools dialog will appear.
  4. Click on the Server Path tab.
  5. Enter @MyServerName in the Path field. MyServerName should be the name of your license server.
  6. Press Override Server Path and exit the Pointwise FlexNet Tools dialog.

8. Run Pointwise.

You are now ready to run Pointwise. Start by watching the video Getting Past the Blank Screen.

9. Still Have Questions?

  • Additional detail on license management and installation is available in the Pointwise License Management and Installation Reference Guide. [PDF]
  • A checksum file file for the downloads from this page is available for your reference: md5sums.
  • The files on this page are packaged with a Java Runtime Environment (JRE). If your system already has a JRE that is Version 1.5 or newer, you can download installation files without a JRE from the “No JRE” Pointwise download page.
  • Contact Pointwise's technical support team at support@pointwise.com and 800-4PT-WISE.
  • The terms of the agreement under which you may acquire the right to use the software include the "Right To Use License" attached hereto or accompanying the software. Your purchase, license, receipt, or use of the software constitutes your acceptance of all the "Right To Use License". Please read the Right To Use License.