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Download Gridgen

Gridgen support and maintenance has ended with the release of Pointwise Version 18.0 R1. Read more here. Contact your local Pointwise distributor for more information.

The current production release is Gridgen Version 15.18. From this page, you can download the latest Gridgen release for your platform.

IMPORTANT: We strongly encourage you to follow our recommended downloads and to read the installation instructions appropriate to your type of download before proceeding with your installation.

Installation Instructions [PDF]
Platform Upgrade   Complete  
Windows installw.pdf   installwd.pdf  
Unix/Linux/Mac installl.pdf   installld.pdf  
Platform Upgrade V15.17 to V15.18 Size (MB) Complete Install of V15.18 Size (MB)
Windows gridgen_win32.zip 6.5 gg-win32.zip 79.9
Apple/Mac OS X gridgen_darwin.tar.gz 9.8 gg-darwin.tar.gz 77.5
HP-UX gridgen_hp.tar.gz 6.1 gg-hp.tar.gz 92.3
Linux 32-bit gridgen_linux.tar.gz 5.3 gg-linux.tar.gz 77.6
Linux 64-bit gridgen_linux_x86_64.tar.gz 5.6 gg-linux_x86_64.tar.gz 66.1
SGI IRIX 6.5 gridgen_sgi65.tar.gz 6.5 gg-sgi65.tar.gz 82.4
Sun Solaris gridgen_sun.tar.gz 5.2 gg-sun.tar.gz 65.2
Platform Upgrade Size (MB)    
Windows help_update_1518.zip 11.8    
Unix/Linux/Mac help_update_1518.tar.gz 11.8    

Recommended Downloads

If you are currently running Gridgen V15.17, we recommend that you download the following for your platform from the table above:

  • Upgrade Installation Instructions
  • Upgrade V15.17 to V15.18 file
  • Upgrade Help Documents

If you currently do not have Gridgen installed or if you are running pre-Gridgen V15.17, we recommend you download the following for your platform from the tables above:

  • Complete Installation Instructions
  • Complete Install of V15.18 file

Important! Before performing a complete installation of the latest version, you should uninstall or move any pre-existing installation to a new directory.

Right To Use License

The terms of the agreement under which you may acquire the right to use the software include the "Right To Use License" attached hereto or accompanying the software. Your purchase, license, receipt, or use of the software constitutes your acceptance of all the "Right To Use License". Please read the Right To Use License.