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Automate Your CFD Meshing with Scripting

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Macros and Templates

Pointwise's Tcl-based scripting language, Glyph, provides customization capabilities for both the experienced analyst and the design engineer. The meshing process can be customized for your particular class of configurations or the software can be made to do things it was not designed to do.

The experienced analyst will find that Glyph's commands cover the entire range of functionality available in Pointwise's GUI, allowing tricks and special techniques to be captured and made part of your organization's intellectual property. Design engineers will appreciate the fact that Glyph can be used to create customized meshing applications for specific configurations, allowing them to automatically generate a mesh and apply CFD.

script for automated meshing of jet nozzles

Pointwise's Glyph scripting was used to create this automated meshing application for jet nozzles that is presented entirely in terms of design parameters.

Journaling and Playback

Rather than type scripts entirely by hand with the help of the documentation, you can use journaling. When journaling is enabled, a Glyph script of all your interaction with the GUI is exported to a file for later editing and playback. As a learning tool you can also enable the echoing of script commands to the messages window.

Share Scripts on The Glyph Script Exchange

Pointwise maintains the Glyph Script Exchange, an online repository of scripts developed by ourselves, our partners, and our customers. These freely available scripts not only immediately provide you with new capabilities, but can form the basis for new scripts through your editing and updating. They are a great learning tool. Once you start writing your own scripts be sure to contribute some of them to the Exchange.

Glyph Script Exchange on Github

Pointwise maintains the Glyph Script Exchange on Github for community sharing of Glyph scripts.

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