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Supported Platforms for Pointwise CFD Meshing Software

Pointwise supports the most popular desktop workstations in use today by CAE engineers. The application supports each platform's native look-and-feel and provides 3D graphics through the OpenGL industry standard. Pointwise's native project file is portable across all supported platforms.

  Hardware 32-bit 64-bit Details
Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Windows
Yes Yes Details...
Yes Yes Details...
Mac OS X
Mac OS X
Intel Yes Yes Details...

Requirements for All Platforms

Pointwise supports the Space Navigator and other 3D mice from 3Dconnexion

Support for 3D Mice - Two-Handed Power

Pointwise supports the 3D mouse from 3Dconnexion as an optional image manipulation device. One hand pulls, pushes and twists the 3D mouse to manipulate the 3D model while the other hand navigates the GUI with a traditional mouse, increasing productivity by more than 20% and decreasing traditional mouse clicks by up to 50%. (See 3Dconnexion's web site for the details.)

Minimum Requirements:

  • 256 Mbytes RAM
  • 100 Mbytes disk space
  • OpenGL capable color display
  • Ethernet card
  • 1280x1024 screen resolution
  • 3D hardware accelerated OpenGL graphics
  • 24-bit RGB, double-buffered graphics

Graphics Accelerator Cards

  • Up-to-date graphic accelerator driver software is essential for proper operation of Pointwise.
  • There are known issues running Pointwise with the NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT graphics card on Mac OS X.
  • There are known issues with Intel Graphics (HD3000 and HD4000 cards) where it does not properly handle some OpenGL command combinations that Pointwise uses. The work-around is to run Pointwise's graphics in double precision.

Microsoft Windows

Operating System 32-bit 64-bit  
Windows 8 Yes Yes
Windows 7 Yes Yes
Windows Vista Yes Yes  


Operating System 32-bit 64-bit
CentOS Yes Yes
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Yes Yes
SUSE Linux Yes Yes
Ubuntu Yes Yes

Linux Library Dependencies

Listed below are the specific versions of library packages that we have on our test machines where we know Pointwise works. Other dependences (e.g. libGL) aren't explicitly listed below as they should be part of any standard install that includes the packages listed below. Also, 32-bit Linux is only tested on RHEL 5.

CentOS 6.4
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
libg2c.so.0 (32-bit only)  
libf2c 3.4.6 (32-bit only)  
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11
libstdc++ 4.6.1_20110701-0.13.9
libglib-2_0-0 2.22.5-0.6.1
glibc 2.11.3-17.39.1
libgcc 4.3.4_20091019-0.22.17
xorg-x11-libX11 7.4-5.9.1
Ubuntu 12
libstdc++6 4.6.3-1ubuntu5
libglib2.0-0 2.32.3-0ubuntu1
libc6 2.15-0ubuntu10.3
libgcc1 1:4.6.3-1ubuntu5
libx11-6 2:

Mac OS X

Operating System 32-bit 64-bit
10.7 (Lion) Yes Yes
10.6 (Snow Leopard) Yes Yes

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