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Overset Grids

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Overset Grid Generation and Assembly

Pointwise has always been able to generate both multi-block abutting and overset grids. With the software's integration with two overset grid assembly (OGA) software tools, you can now execute the entire assembly process, sometimes known as hole cutting, from within a single software product instead of using a chain of other tools. From Pointwise you can launch OGA software for selected grids, import the results of the OGA computations, and visualize the resulting parameters of interest for your overset grid.

visualization of fringe/donor ratio

Integration of overset grid assembly with Pointwise gives you access to all the metrics computed during assembly such as fringe/donor volume ratio shown above so that you can immediately make any necessary changes to the mesh to improve interpolation between grids.

Pointwise's overset grid assembly capabilties include:

  • Support for both structured and unstructured overset grids.
  • Direct interfaces to PEGASUS v5.2 and Suggar++ v2.2.
  • Parameter setup for OGA computations.
  • Launching the OGA software.
  • Importing the results of the OGA computations.
  • Visualizing the OGA results.
  • OGA remediation through mesh adaption.
overset CFD solution and grids

Overset grids were generated in Pointwise, assembled in Suggar++, and a CFD solution computed in Caelus.

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