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CFD Grids with Pointwise - New Features

What's New in the Latest Release of Pointwise

V17.2 - Hex-Tet Meshing in T-Rex

Pointwise V17.2 incorporates a new meshing algorithm, performance improvements, and a wide variety of new features. For a summary, read Pointwise V17.2 Now Available in the April 2014 issue of The Connector.

hex layers in T-Rex

Pointwise now supports hexahedral cell combination for T-Rex meshes created from structured surface domains. The T-Rex vertex deformation order has been modified for structured domains allowing the necessary combination information to be stored during layer advancement. Beyond the first layer, a single hex cell will replace twelve tets, significantly reducing the cell count on export.

quad surface meshes as a T-Rex boundary condition

Structured domains can now be used as true match boundary conditions for T-Rex. On export, with recombination enabled, the exposed quad faces of the recombined prisms from the viscous unstructured extrusion match the quad faces of the structured domain. Beyond the extrusion, pyramids are used to transition from the quad faces of the domain to tets in the unstructured block.

user positionable light source

The quality of shaded surface display has been improved through the use of OpenGL shaders (on supported hardware). Also, a user-positionable light source has been added.

grids can be mirrored during export

This feature provides the capability to export a full-symmetry grid to a CAE file when the user has only created a half-symmetry grid.

new drop-down menu for Draw Curves

The Draw Curves button on the toolbar has been modified to be a dropdown menu allowing you to either select the default curve type and begin drawing or choose another curve type which then becomes the default.

Pointwise is now compatible with FUN3D, SC/Tetra V9, Gambit and the STAR-CD interface has been updated.

Blocks with internal faces, both closed and open, can now be assembled automatically.

Pointwise now supports the latest version of the CFD file standard, CGNS v3.2. With this upgrade Pointwise now also supports the export of both unstructured and structured zones to the same CGNS file.

Entities selected in the Examine, Rules command remain selected when the command is closed. This way you can use the Rules to identify bad grids, select them, and have them remain selected for the Solver or other commands.

In addition to Red Hat Linux, Pointwise is now supported on SUSE Linux, CentOS, and Ubuntu.

Pointwise now exports pyramids to Nastran files as true pyramids and not degenerate prisms.


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