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CFD Grids with Pointwise - New Features

What's New in the Latest Release of Pointwise

V17.3 – Overset Grid Assembly

Pointwise Version 17.3 is now integrated with overset grid assembly (OGA) software packages PEGASUS and Suggar++, giving you the ability to launch OGA software for selected grids, import the results of the OGA computations, and visualize the resulting parameters of interest for your overset grid. Specific capabilities include

  • Support for both structured and unstructured overset grids.
  • Direct interfaces to PEGASUS v5.2 and Suggar++ v2.2.
  • Parameter setup for OGA computations.
  • Launching the OGA software.
  • Importing the results of the OGA computations.
  • Visualizing the OGA results.
  • OGA remediation through mesh adaption.
overset grid assembly in Pointwise

Integration with overset grid assembly software packages PEGASUS and Suggar++.

apply display attributes to models and blocks

Display attributes (e.g. shading, line width, show/hide) can be applied to model and block entities.

Examine in Solve

The Examine command can now be invoked from within the Solve command in order to assess the grids' quality.

Pointwise now supports more PLOT3D options for structured grid import and export: blocking (single or multi-block data), iblanking (data with or without IBLANK), and 1D/2D.

STL files with multiple meshes (i.e. solids) can now be imported and exported in both ASCII and binary formats.

arbitrary cutting planes in Examine

Cutting planes in the Examine command can now have an arbitrary orientation and are no longer restricted to to X-, Y-, and Z-oriented cutting planes.

layer manager improvements

The layout of the Layers panel was changed to make the Assign Layer frame more visible. The behavior of the text entry field for Layer Number was be changed to facilitate assigning multiple selections to the same layer. The indication of which layers contain selected entities was changed so that it can show selections in multiple layers.

This feature includes a number of enhancements to the drawing of curves on database surfaces. This includes the ability to explicitly select the surface on which to draw, the ability to cycle through surfaces when picking the initial point of a segment, and the ability to exclude curves when an endpoint is picked as the initial point of a segment.

The Print to File command can now be called from a Glyph script.

2D orientations

The Orient command for 2D structured blocks now displays each block's K vector as a visual aid for assessing the relative computational orientation of each block.

align view to a surface

The orientation of the view can be aligned to a user-prescribed vector or to the local normal vector of a selected surface.

Database point entities can now be projected onto database surfaces. Connectors can have their shape projected while retaining their distribution attributes as opposed to converting the point distribution to one of a general type.

New built-in CFD solver support was added for ADS, Gmsh, Edge, LAURA.


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