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CFD Grids with Pointwise - New Features

What's New in the Latest Release of Pointwise

V17.2 R2 - Improved Hex Layers from T-Rex

Pointwise V17.2 R2 features an improved hex layer capability in the T-Rex hybrid meshing technique plus several user experience additions. For another summary, read New Capabilities Coming to Pointwise in the July 2014 issue of The Connector.

hex layers in T-Rex

T-Rex's hex layer capabilities were improved by changing how near-wall tets are agglomerated into hexes. The changes results in a signficant speed-up, more layers, and fewer isotropic farfield cells.

In addition to implementing the latest libraries from CT Core Technologies, our CAD interoperability partner, the reader has been implemented as a separate process for improved robustness.

You now have native support for two additional flow solvers: Edge from Sweden's FOI and LAURA from NASA Langley.

align the view to any surface

The orientation of the view in the Display window can be aligned with the normal vector of any selected surface. Also, view transitions to saved orientations can now be animated.

use the drawing guide to align points

A drawing guide consisting of an array of vertical and horizontal lines can be overlayed on the Display window as a visual aid for aligning points on the screen for various operations. Also, the option to disable snapping to a selected point (previously available only in the Tweak command) has been added to all other commands that use the 3D point placement tools.

Two new Glyph commands give you more control over entity selection. One command returns a list of the currently selected entities. The other lets you specify which entities are selected upon script termination.

Using the Save Selection As command, selected entities (and all other entities on which they depend) can be written to a new PW project file. With the Save Environment As command, all your settings ‐ defaults, layers, properties, views, saved examine cuts, etc. but no entities – can be written to a PW file for loading at the beginning of a new project.

project a curve's shape and keep its grid point distribution

You now have the option of projecting only a connector's shape while retaining its distribution attributes.

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