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CFD Grids with Pointwise - New Features

What Is New in the Latest Release of Pointwise

V18 – Unstructured Quad and Hex Meshes

Pointwise Version 18 represents a major update to the types of meshes the software can generate and manipulate as listed and illustrated below.

  • A new quad-dominant technique is available for generating unstructured domains with quads.
  • T-Rex has been extended to generate layers of unstructured hexahedra starting from an initial extrusion front that includes quad-dominant surface meshes.
  • Off-body clustering in a tetrahedral mesh can now be controlled by shape-based sources.
Hybrid Unstructured Quad/Hex Mesh for DrivAer Geometry

Also In V18

Pointwise V18 now uses RLM, the Reprise License Manager. Therefore, all customers will need to perform a complete install and obtain a new license before using V18.

The minimum operating system level for hardware platform support has changed.

  • Linux: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
  • Mac: OS X 10.8
  • Windows: No changes

Only 64-bit executables are available (32-bit versions are discontinued).

DrivAer and Wake Source

Pointwise now provides a new entity type for controlling local isotropic cell size for unstructured blocks. This new entity type, called a Source, provides a way to specify a target cell size in a geometric region that is independent of the grid entities and topology. For example, wake refinement can be achieved by creating a Source entity box located in the wake region with the appropriate target cell size, and any unstructured blocks that overlap this Source entity box will use the target cell size in that region when it is being initialized or refined.

Create Shapes

The Draw Shapes command provides the ability to quickly create boxes, cylinders, spheres, and polyhedra for use as database entities or sources.

faceted geometry model simplification

Pointwise now supports database shell entities (i.e. faceted surfaces) with a mix of triangular and quadrilateral facets, including the ability to merge coplanar facets.

updated cell count

The Cell Count command has been updated to include itemization for an expanded set of entity types (connectors, domains, blocks) and cell types (quadrilaterals and triangles). The command is now selection sensitive and provides both selection and project totals for each entity type. A new toolbar item has been added to print the table summary directly to the Messages window without having to open the command's panel.

quad warp mesh metric

Quad cell warp is now a supported metric in Examine. Warp is the angle between the normal vectors of triangles that result from diagonalizing a quadrilateral. Since a quadrilateral can be diagonalized two ways, the reported value is the maximum of the two diagonalizations.

join unstructured and structured grids

Joining domains and blocks now first tries to join as many grids together as possible regardless of type (structured, unstructured). A second pass attempts to join all leftover structured grids.

color cells by type

In Examine with the Cell Type (formerly the None option) function selected you can now color volume grid cells by their type (hexahedron, tetrahedron, prism, pyramid).

Examine database associatitivty

Information regarding number and source of the associated database entities is now displayed in Examine for the Database Associativity function.

new selection masks

The mask panel was reworked including controls for masking domains and blocks by their cell types.

message window links

The references to entities in the Messages window are now links (note the blue color and underlining) that select those entities when clicked.

Multiple blocks of varying types (e.g. structured, prism, unstructured) can now be joined into a single unstructured block in a manner similar to how unstructured domains are joined.

Break points on database-constrained connectors can now be created at user-specified values of the U or V parametric coordinate.

Pointwise now supports high-resolution (e.g. QHD, UHD, 4K) monitors with graphics that scale up crisply and no loss in GUI or graphics interaction.

The direction of rotational extrusion can now be specified implicitly by entering a negative angle of rotation.

The right-click context menu now supports changing entity attributes.

Information regarding number and source of the associated databases was added to Examine.

The Set BC command now has an option to hide regions where BCs have already been set.

The current selection can be retained when exiting the Set BCs command.

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