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Meshing for CFD with Pointwise - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Pointwise CFD Meshing Software

Q: What is Pointwise?

A: Pointwise is software for generating CFD meshes. It is also the name of the company that produces the software, Pointwise, Inc. Pointwise is the next-generation version of Gridgen, the CFD meshing software that's been around since 1984.

Q: Where can I get Pointwise?

A: You can download directly from our web site at www.pointwise.com/support/dload_pw.shtml. Be sure to download and refer to the Installation Instructions included on the same web page.

Q: Where can I request a Pointwise license?

A: If you are a current customer, you may request a Pointwise license using the form at www.pointwise.com/licenses. You will receive a Pointwise license for your current period of performance.

If you are not a current customer, you may request a Pointwise evaluation by using the form at www.pointwise.com/free.

Q: What platforms does Pointwise support?

A: Pointwise supports Microsoft Windows Linux, and Mac OS X. All platforms support 32-bit and 64-bit. See the Portability page for more details on Pointwise's platform support.

Q: When downloading Pointwise I get an error about exceeding the maximum number of anonymous users. What does that mean?

A: Our ftp site places an upper limit on the number of simultaneous downloads by users logged in as anonymous. Contact Tech Support at support@pointwise.com or 800-4PTWISE if you continue to experience problems downloading the software.

Q: Does Pointwise support 64-bit platforms?

Yes. Pointwise currently supports 64-bit on Linux and Windows.

Q: Why isn't there an icon and list of domains in the List?

A: The Show Domains command is a toggle for global control over the display of domains. Once it is toggled off, the Domain Icon and the domain list will not be shown in the List Panel. To make the domains re-appear in the List, simply check Show Domains in the View menu.

Q: How can I get Alt+RightMouseButton to work with Linux using the GNOME window manager?

A: Change the following GNOME preferences:

  • In Window Preferences, under Movement Key, change the setting to something other than "Alt" (for example, "Super (or Windows Logo)".
  • In Keyboard Preferences, under Layout Options, select "Alt and Meta on the Alt keys (default)."

Q: How can I draw a closed curve?

A: When you try to draw a closed curve by selecting its first point you'll notice that it can't be selected. That's because the curve hasn't been saved yet so the point technically doesn't exist. There's an easy way out of this catch-22.

  • When adding the last point, click on the first point then click in the XYZ field on the panel and press Enter. If the curve is database constrained, use the UV field instead.
  • If the first point was some other selected point, add the final point somewhere else and then click and drag it to the desired location.

IMPORTANT: Just like Gridgen, Pointwise does not like it when you draw connectors that begin and end at the same point. Create two curves instead.

Q: How can I obtain bound copies of the Pointwise user manuals?

A: Pointwise provides PDFs of our User Manual, Glyph Reference Manual, and Tutorial Workbook with each installation of our software. Our Right to Use License allows you to print and/or bind as many copies of our manuals as you need for your reference.

Q: How can I specify TCP/IP ports for the license manager daemon (lmgrd) and vendor daemon (PWID)?

A: Add the port information to the SERVER and VENDOR line respectively in your license file:

    SERVER my_server host_ID port_lmgrd
    VENDOR PWID port=port_PWID
    FEATURE Pointwise PWID 16.0 31-dec-2011 1 user_info=CustID=my_ID

Once added, you need to restart your license server using this new license file. Make sure the new ports are open and not used by other applications.