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Products & Services for CFD Mesh Generation

Pointwise's products and services help you solve the top problem facing engineering analysts today: grid generation for computational fluid dynamics (CFD), finite element analysis (FEA), and other numerical simulations.

Whether you're seeking a software solution that provides comprehensive meshing capability from geometry export to flow solver export or assistance generating meshes, automating meshing, or customizing your tools, Pointwise can help.

Mesh & Grid Generation Software

Pointwise Software for CFD Meshing Pointwise is our leading mesh generation software product for CFD, encompassing nearly three decades of technology development. The product features a modern software framework and workflow and provides tools like 64-bit support, multi-threading, and Windows/Linux/Mac portability. (more)

CFD Meshing Services & Support

Glyph Scripting Language for Customizing CFD Meshing Glyph Script Exchange: The scripting language in Pointwise provides procedural access to all the functionality so that customized tools and templates can be developed. Journaling is available to produce a scripted record of your interactive session and the ability to define and use variables provides parametric capability. The Script Exchange is an open forum provides a wide variety of scripted meshing tools for you to download and run today. (more)

Learn CFD Meshing at Pointwise's Training Courses Training: Come up to speed on the latest tools and techniques or take an opportunity to learn the software from the ground up. Courses are held in Fort Worth, around the country, and at your site. (more)

CFD Meshing Software for Academia - Teaching Partnerhip Teaching Partnership: Recognized academic customers are eligible for free licenses of the software for use in a class or lab including training materials and other educational aids. (more)

Grid Generation & Custom Software Development

CFD Mesh Generation Consulting and Service Custom Development: Our Applied Research team can customize the software for your requirements, develop an automated meshing template using scripting, create macros to automate parts of your meshing process, write a custom interface to your CFD solver, or generate meshes when you want help. (more)