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News Release Archive

18 Nov Pointwise, Suggar++ and Caelus Feature Overset Grid Generation
10 Nov Tessa Uroić Wins Inaugural Pointwise Wallpaper Contest
12 Oct Pointwise Webcast Will Demonstrate Automated Meshing for Analysis in Conceptual Design
22 Sep More Compatibility in Latest Pointwise Mesh Generation Software
14 Sep Pointwise Awarded U.S. Air Force Contract for CFD Mesh Generation Development
08 Sep Pointwise Brings Its Let's Talk Meshing Workshop to Germany
25 Aug Pointwise, Sculptor and OpenFOAM® Webinar to Feature Automotive Design Optimization
16 Jun Pointwise Webcast will Show-Off Updates in Grid Extrusions and Boundary Conditions
28 May Better Overset Grids and Leap Motion Support in Latest Pointwise Release
27 May Pointwise Webcast Will Introduce Plugins for CAE Software Compatibility
13 May Pointwise Expands Distribution in China
11 May Learn, Explore, Mingle with Pointwise at AIAA Aviation 2015
07 Apr Pointwise, TotalSim Webinar to Feature Inexpensive, Accurate CFD Results
17 Feb Pointwise V17.3 Webinar Introduces Overset Tools
13 Feb Overset Grid Assembly in Latest Pointwise Release
03 Feb Let's Talk Meshing Features Introduction to Meshing Automation via Scripting
12 Jan Pointwise Names New Distributors for Canada and India
29 Dec Dr. Steve Karman Joins Pointwise's Research Team
02 Oct Pointwise Forum to Focus on Structured Hexahedral Grids
04 Oct Prof. Bensow Awarded Pointwise Meshy Award for Best Mesh
17 Sep Pointwise Announces Presenter Lineup for User Group Meeting
04 Sep CFD Simulation Webinar to Feature Pointwise President
02 Sep Pointwise Short Course to Be Advanced Structured Gridding
12 Aug Pointwise, ADS Webinar to Feature Tips for CFD Analysis of Volutes
05 Aug Faster, More Efficient Hex Layer Mesh Generation in Latest Pointwise Release
31 Jul Pointwise, Stanford SU2 Team to Present Workshop
23 Jul Pointwise Forum to Focus on Complex Geometries, Very Large Grids
09 Jul Pointwise Opens Contest for Best Mesh
20 May Pointwise V17.2 Webinar Introduces Unstructured Hexahedral Extrusion
21 Apr Pointwise Opens User Group Meeting Call for Papers
14 Apr Hybrid Hex-Tet Meshing in Latest Pointwise Release
08 Apr Webinar to Feature Supersonic Aircraft Design with Pointwise and SU2
15 Jan Pointwise to Host Live Q&A Session on Structured Gridding
19 Nov Pointwise and OpenFOAM® Techniques Featured in Turbine Webinar
08 Nov Meshing Roundtable Recognizes Pointwise for Meshing Contest and Meshing Maestro
21 Oct Webinar Features Latest Capabilities in Pointwise
30 Sep Pointwise Introduces GridPro Compatibility
22 Aug Webinar Presents CFD Analysis of Cavitation and Acoustics in Water Injection Pump
10 Jun Mesh Diagnostics and Solver Interfaces Featured in Latest Release of Pointwise
3 Jun Overcoming Structured Gridding Pitfalls Webinar Offered by Pointwise
23 Apr Pointwise Meshing Forensics Webinar Gives Solutions for the Unexpected
25 Mar CRAFT Tech Team Wins Pointwise Meshy Award
11 Feb Updated Pointwise Software Meshes Boundary Layers Using Fewer Cells
6 Feb Webinars Focus on New Capabilities in Pointwise's CFD Meshing Software
4 Feb Meshing Forensics Course Offers Clues for Better Meshes at Pointwise User Group Meeting
10 Jan Diverse Presentations to Highlight Pointwise User Group Meeting 2013
31 Dec New Meshing Algorithm, Faster I/O in Latest Release of Pointwise Meshing Software
17 Dec Pointwise Opens Meshy Award Contest for Best Mesh
13 Dec Pointwise to Host Free Seminar, Demos, and Reception at AIAA Aerospace Sciences
6 Nov Vote on Pointwise User Group Meeting Short Course Topic
16 Oct Pointwise Webinar to Demo CFD Drag Reduction for Speed Record Try
27 Aug Wikki Brasil Named New Pointwise Distributor
23 Aug New Gridgen Release Improves Boundary Layer Hybrid Mesh Generation
20 Aug Updated Meshing Software from Pointwise Adds Compatibility with 3 More CFD Solvers
13 Aug Pointwise Issues User Group Meeting Call for Papers
6 Aug Mike Remotigue Joins Pointwise
31 Jul Webinar Will Show Rapid, High-Quality Meshing for Ship Drag Analysis
24 Apr Pointwise Sponsors SAE Design Competition
17 Apr Pointwise Webinar to Demonstrate Application of T-Rex Meshing to Drag Reduction Studies
05 Apr What's New in Pointwise Webinar Set for 11 April
02 Apr Pointwise and CT Core Technologies Partner for Native CAD Readers
28 Mar Pointwise Webinar to Demo Mastering Complex Geometries with T-Rex
21 Mar Pointwise Webinars Will Highlight Productivity Enhancements
20 Mar Latest Release of Pointwise's CFD Software Includes an Advanced Hybrid Mesher and Native CAD Readers
21 Feb Pointwise Donates Computer-Aided Engineering Software to UT Arlington
15 Nov Webinar on Golf Club Aerodynamics Features Pointwise Software
10 Nov Böttcher Named Pointwise Meshy Award Winner
3 Oct Pointwise Announces Large Software Donation to Syracuse University
26 Sep T-Rex in the Real World Chosen Short Course for Pointwise User Group Meeting
19 Sep Pointwise Webinar to Demonstrate Time-Saving Automation Techniques for CFD Meshing
12 Sep Speakers Named for Pointwise User Group Meeting
28 Jul Wikki Australia to Distribute Pointwise CFD Meshing Software
19 Jul Vote for Short Course Training Topic at Pointwise UGM
21 Jun Master Hybrid Meshing with Upcoming Pointwise Webinar
24 May Pointwise Awarded Overset Meshing Research Contract
28 Mar Wake Resolution Added to Pointwise's Hybrid Mesher for CFD Accuracy
21 Mar Pointwise User Group Meeting Call for Papers
21 Mar CFD Webinar to Demonstrate Automating Blade Design Optimization
14 Mar Pointwise Sponsors SAE Design Competition
28 Feb Pointwise Engineer to Speak at OpenFOAM® Workshop
23 Nov Latest Release of Pointwise CFD Mesher Features Hybrid Boundary Layer Meshing
16 Nov Pointwise to Host Webinar on Flexible Techniques for Dealing with Flawed Geometry
04 Nov End of Life Announcement for Gridgen's Native CAD Readers
07 Sep Pointwise Offers Free License for SAE Aero Design Competition
31 Aug Overset Grid Assembly Tools Featured in Latest Gridgen Release
24 Aug Pointwise Webinar on High-Quality Structured Meshes for Axial Pumps
10 Jun End of Life Announced for Gridgen on Mac OS X 10.3
17 May Fast Wind Turbine Meshing with Pointwise to be Presented at Windpower
05 May End of Life Announced for Pointwise on Mac OS X 10.4
03 May Ollivier-Gooch Named Pointwise Visiting Researcher
15 Apr License Pointwise, Get a 3D Mouse for Free
05 Apr Customize Pointwise for Your Solver Using CAE Plug-in
29 Mar Pointwise Partners with 3Dconnexion for 3D Mouse Support
22 Mar Pointwise CFD Meshing Software Compatible with Windows 7
04 Mar Pointwise V16.03 Attacks CAD Interoperability Issues
11 Feb Applications, Technology to Highlight Pointwise User Group Meeting
21 Jan Pointwise Partners with Go Virtual for CFD Meshing
24 Nov Events at AIAA Aerospace Sciences to Include Demo of Overset Tools
24 Nov Latest Gridgen Release Cuts Hybrid Mesh Sizes by More Than Half
20 Nov Pointwise User Group Meeting 2010 Call for Papers
20 Nov Pointwise Celebrates 15th Anniversary
22 Jul Native AcuSolve Interface Added to Latest Pointwise Release
21 Jul Pointwise Interns Win for Muffin Mesh
18 Jun Bigger, Better Hybrid Meshes with New Gridgen Release
12 May Pointwise Working with USAF to Improve Overset Meshing
08 Apr Pointwise Polls Users on CFD News Sources
12 Jan New Pointwise Release Focuses on Mesh Quality and Evaluation
19 Dec Pointwise V16.02 Will Be Last Release Available for IRIX
19 Nov Hybrid Meshing Made Faster and More Efficient in Latest Gridgen Release
02 Sep OpenFOAM® CoAuthor to be Visiting Researcher at Pointwise This Autumn
06 Aug Hybrid Meshing Advanced in Latest Gridgen Release
10 Aug Chief Test Pilot to Keynote Pointwise User Meeting
30 May Pointwise Releases First Major Update of Next Generation Meshing Software
29 May Pointwise User Group Meeting 2008
29 Apr Steve Karman to be Visiting Researcher at Pointwise This Summer
14 Jan Pointwise Partners with DreeseCode Softare
17 Dec More CAD Interoperability Choices Added to Gridgen
08 Oct A New Era in CFD Meshing Begins Today
21 Aug Pointwise Adds Tecplot Interface to Gridgen
18 Jun Pointwise Announces Special Offer for STAR Users
08 Jun Nick Wyman to Head New Research Group at Pointwise
16 May Pointwise and CADNexus Announce CAPRI CAE Gateway Interface to Gridgen
10 May Gridgen Now Available for Windows Vista
06 May End of Life (EOL) Notice for Gridgen on Tru64, IRIX 6.4, and HP-UX on Itanium
30 Apr Gridgen Mesh Appears on X-Plane Express Mail Stamp
30 Mar Automated Unstructured Viscous Meshing Featured in Gridgen V15.10
20 Feb Pointwise's Next-Generation CFD Meshing Software Released for Beta Testing
12 Jan Pointwise Adds New Sales Partner in China
09 Aug Pointwise Adds New Sales Partner in Israel
02 May Gridgen Ported to AMD Opteron for Linux and Windows
03 Apr Gridgen Ported to Silicon Graphics Prism Deskside
15 Mar Solid Modeling Now Available with Release of Gridgen V15.09
08 Dec Meshing API Released for Public Use
30 Sep Pointwise Announces Special Program for FLUENT Users
30 Sep Gridgen User Group Meeting 2006 Announcement and Call for Papers
27 Jul Gridgen Version 15.08 Now Up To 15 Times Faster
27 May Pointwise Starts User Script Exchange Site
10 May Gridgen Version 15.07 Released with More Geometry Modeling Capabilities
17 Mar Changes Announced for Gridgen's Hardware Support
14 Mar Gridgen User Group Meeting 2005
30 Dec Gridgen V15.06 Released with Mac Port and Improved Mesh Extrusion
16 Nov Pointwise/Intelligent Light Aerospace Client Briefing 11 January 2005 in Reno, Nevada
10 Nov Pointwise Celebrates 10th Anniversary
17 Sep Gridgen User Group Meeting 2005 Call for Papers
03 Sep Gridgen Version 15.05 Released
03 Sep Computational Fluid Dynamics Pre and Postprocessing to Become Powerful New Mac Tools
28 Jun End of Life (EOL) Notice for Gridgen on AIX
01 Jun Gridgen to Support CATIA V5 & Itanium
17 May Gridgen Now Supports STAR CCM+ & Kreila
23 Apr Gridgen Extends Support for WIND and Cobalt
24 Mar Recent Gridgen Update Expands Native CAD Readers, Adds Interactive CAD Model Fault Checking
25 Feb Pointwise Adds New Sales Partners in Spain and Turkey
09 Feb Gridgen User Group Meeting 2004
24 Nov Pointwise Announces Special Program for CFX Users
04 Nov Pointwise Adds Gridgen Sales Partners For India and Italy
22 Oct Pointwise/Intelligent Light Aerospace Client Briefing, 06 January 2004 in Reno, Nevada
09 Oct Gridgen Version 15.01 Released
17 Sep U.S. Navy Awards Pointwise a Research Contract
02 Aug Pointwise Announces Gridgen Teaching Partnership
12 Jul Pointwise Opens Annual Holiday Card Design Contest
02 Jun Pointwise Releases Gridgen Version 15
02 Jun End of Life (EOL) Notice: SGI IRIX pre 6.5 and Compaq/DEC Tru64
27 Jan Pointwise Awarded Research Contract to Develop API for Meshing Software
27 Nov Joint Gridgen/FIELDVIEW User Group Meeting 07 January 2003 in Reno, Nevada
03 May Gridgen Version 14 Released
08 Feb Meshers to Cluster in Ithaca this September for 11th International Meshing Roundtable
10 Dec Joint Gridgen/FIELDVIEW User Group Meeting 15 January 2002 in Reno, Nevada
31 Oct Gridgen V14 Released for Beta Test
28 Sep Pointwise Schedules Gridgen Training for 2002
20 Aug Pointwise Releases Gridgen for Linux
13 Aug Meshers to Cluster in California this October as International Meshing Roundtable Celebrates 10th Anniversary
26 Mar Pointwise Relocates Headquarters to Fort Worth South
15 Nov Joint Gridgen/FIELDVIEW User Group Meeting to be Held 09 January 2001 in Reno, Nevada
24 Jan New Gridgen Release Saves Analysis Time with Automatic Geometry Cleanup
15 Nov End of Life Notice for Gridgen on IRIX 5
10 Dec Gridgen/FIELDVIEW Joint User Meeting 12 Jan 99 - Reno, Nevada
03 Nov Gridgen for Windows Released
30 Sep Gridgen Training Scheduled for 1998 and 1999
14 Sep Gridgen is Year 2000 Compliant
01 Jul Gridgen Version 13 Released
18 May Gridgen Version 13 Enters Beta Test Period
12 Jan Pointwise and Geometricon to Collaborate on Unstructured Grid Generation Software
22 Dec Pointwise Schedules 1998 Gridgen Training Courses to be Held in Dallas/Fort Worth
01 Dec Gridgen Now Avaiable on Sun Workstations
08 Sep Pointwise Releases Gridgen for DEC
10 Jul Pointwise Releases Gridgen Version 12
18 Dec Pointwise Schedules 1996 Gridgen Training Courses to be Held in Dallas/Fort Worth
11 Nov Gridgen Now Has Direct TASCflow Interface
18 Nov Intelligent Light and Pointwise Join forces to Improve Engineering Analysis Process
03 Jun Gridgen Now Has Direct FLUENT Interface
15 Apr Pointwise Ports Gridgen to IBM RS/6000 Workstations
16 Jan Pointwise Releases Gridgen Version 11
01 Oct Gridgen Interfaces with Aerosoft's GASP
01 Sep Pointwise Announces New Sales & Marketing V.P.
16 Mar Pointwise Announces Gridgen Support for Analytical Method VSAERO and AMTEC Engineering's INCA
09 Jan Pointwise Introduces Gridgen Version 10