Pointwise CAE Plugin SDK
runtimeWrite.h File Reference
#include "apiCAEP.h"
#include "apiCAEPUtils.h"
#include "apiPWP.h"
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PWP_BOOL runtimeWrite (CAEP_RTITEM *pRti, PWGM_HGRIDMODEL model, const CAEP_WRITEINFO *pWriteInfo)
PWP_BOOL runtimeCreate (CAEP_RTITEM *pRti)
PWP_VOID runtimeDestroy (CAEP_RTITEM *pRti)

Detailed Description

Starting point for a CAE export.

When a CAE export is initiated, the SDK initializes the plugin and calls the function runtimeWrite() in this file.

To implement the exporter logic, The plugin author must edit the copy of the file runtimeWrite.cxx located in the src/plugins/MyPlugin folder.

Definition in file runtimeWrite.h.