Activation Key

What is it?: An activation key is a 16-digit numeric string that the Reprise License Manager (RLM) installed on your machine will use to contact Pointwise. The expiration date and number of processes of Pointwise for your license server are encoded in this key.

Once an activation key is entered during the RLM installation process, your workstation sends its Host Name and Host ID to the Pointwise license server. A text-based license file is generated based on your workstation information, expiration date, and number of processes of Pointwise for your site. It is sent back to your workstation, installed, and the Pointwise license server started automatically for you.

Caution should be exercised when using your activation key. Please ensure that you are installing RLM and entering the activation key on the machine that you intend to be your license server.

Where do I find it?: The activation key will be supplied to you by email from Pointwise once you have completed the “Request an Activation Key” form.