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Customizing CFD Meshing with Gridgen's Glyph Scripting

Automate Meshing with Templates and Macros

Gridgen's Tcl-based scripting language, Glyph, provides customization capabilities for both the experienced analyst and the "design engineer". The experienced analyst will find that Glyph's commands cover the entire range of functionality available in Gridgen's GUI, allowing tricks and special techniques to be captured and made part of the organization's intellectual property. Designing engineers will appreciate the fact that Glyph may be used to create customized meshing applications for specific configurations, allowing them to automatically generate a mesh and apply CFD.

Axial Turbine Template   Intake Port Template

Journal Your Session for Editing Playback

Glyph scripting is complemented with a journaling capability. Gridgen exports the Glyph form of each GUI command to a file for later editing and playback. Journaling is further complemented with variables, name-value pairs that may be defined and utilized in the GUI so that a journaled Glyph script can be easily edited for parametric variation of a baseline mesh.

Share Scripts with the Community

The Glyph Script Exchange is a forum for sharing Glyph scripts with the entire Gridgen community. Dozens of scripts are available for download that add unique capabilities to Gridgen. Your scripts can be uploaded for everyone to enjoy.

Learn More About Automating Your Meshes with Scripting

If you're interested in learning more about creating templates and macros to automate all or part of your meshing process, here's an additional resource.

Glyph Scripting
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