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T-Rex Stomps Out Grids In No Time

Unstructured and Hybrid Meshes for CFD

Unstructured and hybrid mesh generation offer fast, highly automated methods for generating a CFD mesh. Gridgen provides several methods from which you can choose the one most appropriate to your analysis.

Anisotropic Tetrahedral Extrusion

Anisotropic tetrahedral extrusion, otherwise known as T-Rex, is a technique for extruding regular layers of high-quality tetrahedra from boundaries. The tetrahedra can be recombined into prisms if you prefer. The mesh adjusts to convex and concave regions and colliding extrusion fronts.

This hybrid with viscous clustering was generated automatically using T-Rex.
Aniso tet mesh

An optional post-processing step combines a stack of three anisotropic tetrahedra into a single prism, reducing cell count and providing an even higher quality cell in the near-wall region.

This technical paper describes the mathematics behind T-Rex in great detail: Anisotropic Tetrahedral Meshing Based on Surface Deformation Techniques by John P. Steinbrenner and J.P. Abelanet, AIAA paper no. 2007-0554. PDF

Direct Prism Extrusion

Prism layers are created by the extrusion of triangular surface grids following normal, linear, rotational, or user-defined paths with control over extrusion step size or aspect ratio.

Tet Generation with Delaunay Methods

Unstructured grids consisting of triangles and tetrahedra are generated by a modified Delaunay method. Like structured grids, unstructured surface grids can span multiple entities in the geometry model and adhere to the CAD model automatically. The unstructured solver may be re-applied at any time, giving you control over minimum and maximum cell size, maximum cell-to-cell turning angle, maximum surface deviation, and boundary decay.

These attributes may also be set in advance to result in a good grid automatically. Edge swapping and Laplace smoothing may also further improve unstructured surface grids.

Learn More About Hybrid Meshing

If you want to learn more about Pointwise's unstructured and hybrid mesh generation capabilities, here are some additional resources for you.

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