1st AIAA Geometry and Mesh Generation Workshop
Sponsored by the Meshing, Visualization, and Computational Environments Technical Committee

June 3-4, 2017
at the AIAA Aviation and Aeronautics Forum and Exposition
Denver, Colorado, USA

Organizing Committee

John Chawner & Carolyn Woeber
Pointwise, Inc.

John Dannenhoffer
Syracuse University

Todd Michal & Jeffrey Slotnick
The Boeing Company

Bill Jones & Chris Rumsey
NASA Langley Research Center

Nigel Taylor

James Masters
National Aerospace Solutions

Hugh Thornburg

Contact us by email:

Participant & Attendee News

  • The workshop agenda and program has been updated.
  • Each participant has 20 minutes to present their work on meshing the HL-CRM: 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions.
  • Each participant MUST use the presentation template GMGW1-PresentationTemplate_final.pptx. If you require the template in another format let us know at meshingworkshop@gmail.com.
  • Email your final presentation to meshingworkshop@gmail.com by 29 May. (This is not a strict requirement but will greatly help GMGW-1 achieve its goal of documenting a baseline with which progress toward 2030 will be measured.)

Registration & Deadlines

  • Register for GMGW-1 as part of the registration process for AIAA Aviation. Note: a single registration fee gives you access to both GMGW-1 and HiLiftPW-3.
    • NEW: Onsite registration will be available on both Saturday and Sunday mornings after 7:00 a.m. at the course/workshop check-in desk.
  • Submit your GMGW-1 abstract (Word template, PDF template) via email to meshingworkshop@gmail.com by 31 March 2017. Now Closed
  • Download the geometry of the HL-CRM from the HiLiftPW-3 website. Note: The JAXA Standard Model is not part of GMGW-1.
  • Generate your mesh(es) for the HL-CRM following HiLiftPW-3's gridding guidelines.
  • Complete the participant questionnaire (PQ) (Word template, PDF template) in which you will document your mesh generation process including time, tools, and resources.
  • Upload your mesh(es) and the PQ by 28 April 2017. Now Closed
  • You will upload to the HiLiftPW-3 ftp site (see instructions here). Contact the page curator or the GMGW-1 organizers for more grid file upload instructions.
  • Attend the workshop on 03-04 June 2017.

GMGW-1 Objectives

This two-part workshop will assess the current state-of-the art in geometry preprocessing and mesh generation technology and software as applied to aircraft and spacecraft systems. It will help identify and develop understanding of areas of needed improvement (performance, accuracy, applicability) in geometry processing and mesh generation technology software. And it will provide a foundation for documenting best practices for geometry preprocessing and mesh generation.

The workshop is being offered in conjunction with the 3rd AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop (HiLiftPW-3), after which GMGW-1 is being patterned. The two workshops will share opening and closing sessions.

The workshop's test case is a simplified version of the NASA's High Lift Common Research Model (HL-CRM) being used for the High Lift Workshop. Workshop participants will be asked to collect and report data about their experience meshing the HL-CRM geometry.

This workshop is open to participants worldwide and will provide an unbiased forum for discussion of results and promotion and cross-pollination of best practices.

Other Resources

Download this 1-page PDF informational flyer and share it with your CFD colleagues to help promote GMGW-1.

During 2016, the MVCE technical committee surveyed the CFD community for their views on the current state of geometry modeling and mesh generation. The results of that survey are available here.