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Glyph Script Exchange


Macros and Templates for CFD Mesh Generation

Glyph Script Exchange

Pointwise on GitHub

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Glyph, the Tcl-based scripting language in Pointwise, offers the ability to automate all or part of the CFD meshing process.

  • Create macros that automate tedious tasks.
  • Write a template to produce geometry or generate an entire mesh.
  • Build libraries of custom tools.
  • Just have fun making the software do something it wasn't designed to do.

Now on GitHub!

In April 2013, all Pointwise (Glyph 2) scripts in the Glyph Script Exchange were moved to GitHub, a web-based version of the Git revision control system. The benefits of this move are:

  • GitHub's version control lets you know when and how a script was changed.
  • You can receive notifications when a script has been changed or a new one has been added.
  • With GitHub's forking, you can spin off your own version of a script and customize it specifically for your use.

The URL for Pointwise's home page on GitHub is pointwise.github.com. Once there, go to our Profile page and then the Repositories tab.

Where's the Old Stuff?

The contents of the Glyph Script Exchange at the time of the conversion to GitHub are right here in the same convenient packages you're used to.

Questions? Comments?

Mail your comments and questions about the Glyph Script Exchange to glyph@pointwise.com.