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Beta Testing

Project Geode: Geometry for Simulation

Project Geode is Pointwise's response to the NASA CFD Vision 2030 Study's identification of the lack of CFD software access to geometry. We are making available to a select group of customers and partners the core components of the geometry kernel inside the Pointwise meshing software during a no-cost beta testing program.

The Geometry Kernel

The Project Geode kernel is a fourth generation, solid modeling and geometry kernel written in C++. It is available on Windows, Linux, and Mac in both 32-bit and 64-bit builds.

The kernel's core math, geometry, and topology libraries have been packaged and are now being made available to select users. It is not intended to compete with or replace the many fine geometry kernels – both proprietary and open-source – currently available in the market today. The Project Geode kernel is tuned to the needs of engineering simulation. Its heritage is the full geometry modeling kernel which forms the basis of Pointwise's geometry-related capabilities.

example use of Geode

Pointwise's Project Geode kernel is being used for node insertion in research code for degree elevation and curving of high-order meshes as illustrated here for a quadratic mesh on and around the aft end of the NASA High Lift Common Research Model.

Beta Testing

In order to validate the usefulness of the kernel to the CFD community, we have launched a beta testing program. There is no cost to participate in the beta testing program but we do require execution of an MOU or Beta Agreement and ask that you share feedback and success stories.

In addition to the kernel's libraries, you will have access to a full suite of documentation including sample code.

To participate in the beta testing of the Project Geode kernel, send an email to geode@pointwise.com and describe your intended use. Please note that our resources to adminster the beta program are limited and therefore priority will be given to current Pointwise customers and partners.