The Panels area of the Pointwise GUI provides continuous access to frequently used functionality related to entity selection, organization, and defaults.

Three panels will be shown by default in each Pointwise session: the List, Layers, and Defaults panels. You can customize the visibility of the top-level panels using the Panels sub-menu available in the View menu.

As other commands are opened either from a menu, toolbar, or shortcut, an additional command panel will appear tabbed along with these default panels. You can switch back and forth between panels as necessary and appropriate to work with your model. Functionality available in the panels will be dependent upon any currently open command panel and/or the current entity selection.

Each panel tab will automatically provide a scroll bar at the right edge when the contents of that panel extend past the entire length of the Panels frame. The Panels frame can be repositioned in the GUI if desired (refer to the Customization section for more information).

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