A 3D mouse, such as the SpaceNavigator from 3Dconnexion, can provide an alternative to the mouse and keyboard model manipulations discussed in the Keyboard and Mouse section. The table below describes the default manipulations available using one of these devices. A visual representation of the default manipulations is shown in the figure below.

Input Action
Push Left or Right Model Pans Left or Right
Push Down or Pull Up Model Pans Down or Up
Push Forward or Pull Back Model Zooms Away or Toward The User
Rotate Forward or Back Model Rotates About X Screen Axis
Rotate About Controller Vertical Axis Model Rotates About Y Screen Axis
Rotate Left or Right Model Rotates About Z Screen Axis
Left Button Resets View
Right Button Opens Configuration Manager
3D Mouse
Model manipulation is made easier with the default maneuvers of a 3D mouse (Image courtesy of 3Dconnexion).

See your device instructions for customization options available for your device and platform.