The majority of interaction with Pointwise will be via various mouse functions with and without meta key use (Shift, Ctrl, and Alt). These are best summarized using a table:

Mouse Unmodified Ctrl Shift Ctrl + Shift
Left Selection, Command Buttons, Point Placement Additive Selection List Range Selection or Reverse Box Selection Style Additive Reverse Box Selection Style
Middle Zoom Screen-Z Rotation Combo Zoom Box Point Probe
Right Right-click Menu Screen-X, Y Rotation Pan Pick New Rotation Point

Selection is covered in more detail in the Selection Methods section. More information on zoom can be found in the Zoom section. See more about model manipulations in the Model Manipulation section. See the Context Menus section for more about Pointwise’s right-click menu. Finally, see the Preferences section for information on customizing mouse button usage.


Note: Hovering your mouse over a toolbar option will pop-up a tooltip showing the appropriate command's name. Furthermore, if the option happens to be disabled, the tooltip will also indicate the reason why it is disabled.