Use the Copy From frame to copy a dimension from a subconnector or a combined dimension from a string of subconnectors to the connector currently selected. Opening this frame disables all other commands on the Dimension panel. A color coded table lists the number of currently selected subconnectors to copy from and the total number of points they contain.

The example in the figure below shows three subconnectors with a combined dimension of 27 grid points. The selection of this string of subconnectors can only be performed in the Display window; the List is not available for this selection. Erase Last Subconnector removes the most recently selected subconnector from the pending string to copy from. Erase All Subconnectors restarts the string selection. Copy Dimension completes the copy operation by applying the dimension of the pending subconnector or subconnector string on the connector or connectors currently selected for dimension change.

Copy From Frame
When open the Copy From command frame disables all other commands on the Dimension panel.