The Save Selection As command saves the selected entities and all other entities on which they depend to a new project (.pw) filename. Note that these supporting entities will be written to the new project file regardless of election, layer status, and show/hide status.

The Save Selection As command will always open a new dialogue box in which the filename and directory location can be specified.


Tip: The File, Save Selection As command allows you to save only the currently selected grid and database entities (and their supporting entities) to a new Fidelity Pointwise project file.



Here is how to use Save Selection As with your Fidelity Pointwise project:

  1. Select all of the individual items from your project that you wish to save.
  2. Navigate to the top-left corner of the Fidelity Pointwise window and click on the File menu.
  3. Now select the Save Selection As option. A dialogue box will open with several file saving options available.
  4. Choose the desired location to save the Fidelity Pointwise project file (*.pw).
  5. Verify that the Save as type dropdown at the bottom of the Save Selection As window has the Fidelity Pointwise Project (*.pw) selected.
  6. Enter the desired name for the file.
  7. Click on the Save Selection As button to save the selected entities in a project file.