MFEM supports 2D and 3D multi-block structured and unstructured grids of all cell types except pyramids. Files are exported in ASCII format and in either Single or Double precision.


Caution: MFEM does not support unstructured blocks containing pyramids. Therefore, when exporting unstructured blocks, be sure to specify Triangles for the domain Cell Type and Tets and Surface Pyramids for the volume T-Rex Cell Types.

MFEM does not define any boundary or volume condition types. Instead, Fidelity Pointwise writes the BC and VC IDs to the file as boundary and volume element attributes.


Caution: Fidelity Pointwise does not currently support exporting high-order meshes to the MFEM CAE format. For more information about which formats support high-order export, refer to the table on File, Export, CAE or see the Grid, Elevate section of this user manual.