The Fidelity PBS solver uses an OpenFOAM-based format, but uses a different set of boundary condition types. Refer to the table below for information on the boundary conditions types available for the Fidelity PBS format.

Type Description
inlet Boundary type for any inflow boundary condition (e.g. fixed mass, fixed velocity, inlet total pressure, etc.).
outlet Boundary type for any outflow boundary conditions (e.g. fixed mass, fixed pressure, average pressure, etc.).
wall Boundary type for slip and no-slip boundary conditions for wall surfaces.
wall_solid Boundary type for wall boundaries in solid domains for temperature and heat flux boundary conditions.
opening Boundary type for open domains where both inflow and outflow can occur at the same time.
symmetry Boundary type for symmetry boundary conditions.
cyclicAMI Multiple mesh interfaces (MMI) boundary type to connect multiple volumes for fluid-to-fluid, fluid-to-solid, and solid-to-solid connections.
mixingPlane Boundary type for mixing-state based boundary conditions.
farfield Boundary type for compressible external aerodynamics boundaries with non-reflecting farfield behavior.
freestream Boundary type for incompressible external aerodynamics boundaries with non-reflecting farfield behavior.