Fidelity Pointwise exports both structured and unstructured volume grids to Cobalt. During export, the volume grid from all of the blocks are agglomerated into one zone for output to the grid file.


Caution: The presence of pole connectors and pole domains in structured blocks can result in degenerate hexahedral cells when exporting to an unstructured CAE format. Please refer to the Collapsed Cell Types section of this User Manual for more information on which structured topologies result in unsupported cell types.

Boundary condition patches are exported in Cobalt's boundary condition file as placeholders. Before using the boundary condition file in Cobalt, you will need to modify the flow variable data in the file since Fidelity Pointwise populates these variables with dummy values. Note that while you may set periodic BCs on certain grid regions (patches), Fidelity Pointwise makes no effort to ensure the grid faces are indeed physically periodic.

Export file formats supported are ASCII and Unformatted. Either Single or Double precision can be used for export.