The Coons Patch command requires that one or more database curves or boundaries be selected prior to being available. Additional curves or boundaries can be selected within the command. This command is useful for easily creating surfaces that patch holes in database geometry models using arbitrary intersecting sets of database curves or boundaries. More than one surface may be generated from a given set of database curves or boundaries. Database boundaries (u-min, u-max, v-min and v-max curves) are also created and are considered child entities to the coons surface.


Tip: Coons Patch surfaces are excellent for quickly filling gaps and holes in your database geometry.

Select the set of bounding database curves or boundaries from which you wish to create a new surface. Go to Create, Coons Patch. Click on Generate Surfaces. Click on OK to save the new database surface and close the panel.

Coons Patch
Use the Coons Patch command to repair geometry holes using sets of intersecting curves.

The Coons Patch panel provides a table at top listing the number of surfaces generated from the selected database curves or boundaries. A Tolerance frame allows you to change the Fit Tolerance away from the default value of 0.001 when the set of curves is not producing a valid coons surface. Uncheck Use Default to enter a custom value.

Below the Tolerance frame, the Generate Surfaces command creates the candidate database surface or surfaces from the selected set of database curves or boundaries along with the currently specified Fit Tolerance.