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Gridgen Version 14.06 R1

March 2003

Gridgen Version 14.06 includes the following new features in addition to maintenance upgrades.

  1. All commands currently found in Gridgen V14 are now available for Glyph scripting.
  2. The Native CAD Readers are currently under construction for the upcoming release of Gridgen V15. Due to the nature of our improvements, the Native CAD Readers are unavailable in V14.06.
  3. Double-precision TASCflow and CFX-5 export is now supported.
  4. Fluent V6 is now a supported analysis software package.
  5. The following new Glyph commands have been added in version 14.06:
conBreakPtSpacing segErase
conDeleteBreakPt segCopyCon
fieldviewExport segImportCon

The listing below contains all bugs that were resolved in Gridgen Version 14.06:

SPR 2434

Resolved a bug that affected the associativity of the database and grid when the database was mirrored about an axis interactively or by script.

SPR 2442

Fixed a problem in which the face creation schematic in the Gridgen blackboard was not being displayed during structured block face creation.

SPR 2446

Fixed a problem that caused facets in cylindrical surfaces to be dropped during VRML import.

SPR 2447

Resolved a bug that caused a segmentation violation in Gridgen when All Domains were selected for unstructured block creation in journal mode.

SPR 2448

Fixed a bug which caused Glyph scripts to fail if the command gg::faceAddDom was used with the ALL parameter when all domains were not connected to the developing face.

SPR 2449

Resolved a problem in which the -join_angle parameter was not being journaled during the construction of a block face.

SPR 2454

Resolved a problem with HP workstations in which no more than 640 MB of memory could be accessed by certain internal operations of Gridgen.

SPR 2461

Resolved a bug that caused scripts written in older versions of Gridgen to fail in newer versions.

SPR 2464

Fixed a bug in which connector grid points were not being updated when database model was changed.

SPR 2476

Resolved a problem that caused error messages and corrupted topology when joining structured blocks that contained poles.

SPR 2480

Resolved a bug that kept the rotation and body axes from being included in bitmap picture files written out in Gridgen.

SPR 2501

Fixed bug that caused error messages when exporting for structured CGNS export.

SPR 2510

Resolved a problem that caused a segmentation violation in Gridgen with the export of a database model that used groups.

SPR 2515

Fixed a bug that locked user in hyperbolic extrusion attributes from going back to Geometric once Subcon had been selected for the growth rate.

SPR 2519

Fixed a bug which caused a segmentation violation in Gridgen when trying to extrude a block from a VRML-imported unstructured domain.

SPR 2528

Resolved bug that caused database constrained domains to march in the opposite direction indicated during hyperbolic extrusion.

SPR 2549

Resolved problem that caused error messages for unstructured CGNS export of a grid with custom BC's.

SPR 2571

Fixed bug that caused Glyph script that extracted U-min, U-max, V-min, and V-max curves from database surfaces to fail.

SPR 2584

Resolved a bug that removes the periodicity of two connectors when aborting from the connector modify menu.

SPR 2594

Fixed an omission in the Gridgen Installation Instructions concerning instances where files other than the executables will have to be updated for a maintenance release.

SPR 2595

Resolved a problem in which the -type parameter was not accurately being journaled for the command gg::aswExport.

SPR 2600

Resolved a bug in which certain database surfaces were not being displayed after changing their attributes to shaded.

SPR 2605

Fixed a bug that cause the global Size Ratio in the I direction reported by the glyph command gg::domExamine to be different from what the Gridgen interface reported in Examine mode.