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Gridgen Version 14.05 R1

December 2002

Gridgen Version 14.05 includes the following new features in addition to maintenance upgrades.

  1. A new database surface creation tool is available, Surface. This command allows quick and easy database surface creation from a set of bounding database curves or surface edges. Please refer to the User Manual for further information.
  2. In conjunction with the new Coons surface creation tool, Gridgen's existing surface creation tools have been extended to allow selection of other existing surface edges to define a necessary generatrix, axis or rail curve. Certain limitations may be applied to surface edge use depending on the surface tool requirements.
  3. VSAERO v6.3 and NSAERO are newly supported analysis software packages. Please refer to the User Manual for further information.
  4. The Polar TFI command now allows interactive selection of the axis.
  5. Gridgen's Pro/E reader module now supports versions 2000i, 2000i2 and 2001 in addition to the previously supported versions 17-20.
  6. Two changes affect database surface entity rendering:
    • trimmed surfaces can now be rendered using the Isolines render mode.
    • improvements have been made to the Triangles render mode.
  7. XPATCH export for unstructured domains has been added to the Grid Pts Export command.
  8. The following new Glyph commands have been added in version 14.05:

The listing below contains all bugs that were resolved in Gridgen Version 14.05:

SPR 1056

Gridgen now splits an imported free surface with a G1 discontinuity retaining the true database shape with two surfaces rather than one. In previous releases the surface would have been imported with a smoothed discontinuity.

SPR 1078

Fixed database intersection problem involving a sphere-plane intersection resulting in only partial circle intersection curves.

SPR 1082

Another database intersection problem was resolved, this one involving intersection success based on database entity pick order.

SPR 1309

Introduced corrections into the CATIA CAD reader module allowing import of additional specific models.

SPR 2137

Changed to double precision export for the FLUENT v5 analysis software export filter.

SPR 2145

Introduced corrections into the STEP reader module allowing import of additional specific models.

SPR 2204

Added new logic which detects and removes conflicting periodicity within a periodic pair that can result from transformations of certain topologies.

SPR 2289

Corrected export errors reported in the CGNS analysis software export filter.

SPR 2298

See SPR 2145.

SPR 2299

Added new logic to ensure that boundary condition export for the CFD++ analysis software export filter uses a sorted list of BC's with the same order as the BC list for the Set BCs browser.

SPR 2303

Corrected the swapped actions associated with the hot keys displayed on the Best Fit and Aligned command menu buttons.

SPR 2309

Added logic to allow NULL parameter space curves to be imported as edge curves from CATIA files.

SPR 2311

Resolved a bug which did not allow transfer, into Gridgen, of the entity name property specified in an IGES file.

SPR 2316

Added a warning and exclusion which disallows rotationally extruded prisms where an edge of the ustructured domain(s) would lie on the rotation axis. This would result in prism cells adjacent to the axis with collapsed edges or faces, and these are unsupported cell types.

SPR 2339

Resolved a problem which occurred while using the block Sort command while one or more blocks were disabled.

SPR 2346

Fixed a problem with the block elliptic solver that occurred when faces were not run with foreground control.

SPR 2348

Made corrections to double precision export for the WIND analysis software export filter.

SPR 2355

Added logic to ensure CATIA files are imported in the original units the model was created in.

SPR 2360

Resolved bug causing segmentation violation when using the Project Grid to DB command in the domain elliptic solver while Show Examine Data is toggled on.

SPR 2369

Resolved a connector joining problem which resulted in memory corruption.

SPR 2372

Resolved an error in the "gg::segAddControlPt -alternate INTERSECTION" glyph command.

SPR 2379

Fixed a problem where self-connecting structured blocks confused the analysis software export logic for baffles.

SPR 2386

Resolved a problem with unstructured domain extrusion, and added an exclusion to disallow domains with an interior branch connector for prism extrusion.

SPR 2391

Fixed logic problem which allowed picking of disabled database entities for the Surface Fit command under the DB CREATION menu.

SPR 2400

Added logic to domain projection for handling trimmed plane database entities.

SPR 2408

Corrected connector grid point distribution error when performing a uniform scaling transformation.

SPR 2431

Fixed bug that caused a segmentation violation in Gridgen when in Examine mode for a 2D block.