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Gridgen Version 14.04 R1

September 2002

Version 14.04 includes the following new features in addition to maintenance upgrades.

  • PHOENICS export is now available in Analysis Software Commands. Please refer to the User Manual for further information.
  • "Zoom to Screen Extents" is now an image manipulation option in Gridgen Version 14.04 that will zoom the image so that it fills the Display window without changing its rotation.
  • The elliptic PDE solver is significantly faster due to code optimizations.
  • Three new scripts have been added to the $GRIDGEN_HOME/utils directory:
    • ConSplitIntoN.glf -- Splits selected connectors into N equally sized pieces.
    • BlkPrintNumPts.glf -- Prints out the number of points in each block in the system.
    • BlkCreate2DFromDoms.glf -- Automatically creates a 2-D block for each domain in the grid and aligns their I,J computational axes.
  • The following new Glyph commands have been added in version 14.04:
  • conEditBegin


























The listing below contains all bugs that were resolved in Gridgen Version 14.04.

SPR 1089

Resolved bug that caused the structured solver in the domain commands area to have long run times on DEC workstations.

SPR 1193

Fixed a bug in which Gridgen became unstable when the structured solver was run on a database constrained domain that was surface constrained by a pole and had floating boundary conditions applied to all areas.

SPR 2069

Fixed a bug that caused a segmentation violation when trying to initialize a domain constrained to a database entity plane.

SPR 2111

Resolved a bug that caused a domain to be destroyed when two of its connectors were joined.

SPR 2139

Fixed a bug in which a database plane could be copied but not translated.

SPR 2143

Fixed a bug which corrupted STL and NASTRAN files exported from a particular grid.

SPR 2148

Resolved bug which caused a segmentation violation when two connectors were joined.

SPR 2170

Fixed bug which caused Gridgen to crash when intersecting two database entities.

SPR 2180

Fixed bug which changed the number of grid points where a baffle was defined in a STAR-CD .vrt file exported from Gridgen.

SPR 2200

Fixed bug which caused a segmentation violation when performing a normal extrusion on a domain with self-connecting connectors.

SPR 2201

Resolved bug in which BC's set in versions of Gridgen prior to V14 were lost when read into V14 on Unix or Linux platforms.

SPR 2204

Resolved bug that corrupted blocks that contained rotationally periodic domains whenever they were rotated or translated.

SPR 2205

Resolved bug involving two domains which were translationally periodic. Redimensioning a connector for one domain invoked a re-initialization of the domain. Re-initializing the adjoining domain caused entire topology to become corrupted.

SPR 2217

Fixed a bug that caused bad cells to be formed when splitting a block.

SPR 2218

Fixed a bug in which ASW data could not be exported to Fluent 3D with a custom BC set.

SPR 2224

Resolved a problem in which Gridgen would display unnecessary error messages when creating an unstructured domain on a trimmed surface database entity.

SPR 2228

Fixed bug that caused a segmentation violation when importing a NASTRAN file into Unix or Windows platforms.

SPR 2229

Resolved bug that caused corrupted blocks and data when blocks were imported in a particular order.

SPR 2235

Resolved bug that caused a square bracket to be omitted when journaling the glyph command, gg::blkImport.

SPR 2243

Fixed bug that resulted in Gridgen crashing when the examine command was used on a structured block with bad data.

SPR 2247

Fixed bug in which a very small Model Size Tolerance was affecting connector distribution on a grid where model scale was relatively large.

SPR 2248

Resolved bug that caused corrupted prism blocks when the Block Sort "Reverse the Order" command was used.

SPR 2250

Fixed bug in which a 2D grid created using periodic connector copies did not automatically have periodicity for ASW BC export.

SPR 2251

Resolved bug which caused errors during NCC export for a block with bad data.

SPR 2253

Resolved bug involved floating boundaries that moved after the elliptical solver was exited.

SPR 2256

Fixed bug which caused end node associativity to change after one connector had been replaced by another.

SPR 2259

Fixed bug that caused bad cells to be created between blocks during extrusion and translation operations.

SPR 2261

Resolved a bug that caused Glyph to improperly limit the explicit smoothing value's range.

SPR 2279

Resolved bug that caused Gridgen to crash when the elliptic solver was run with the Fixed Surface Shape parameter used in the elliptic solver's Set Solver Attributes/Surface Shape Parameters menu.

SPR 2282

Fixed bug that caused strange behavior when trying to form a database half-circle. A database half-circle was formed from a straight 2 connector line. This line was copied, rotated and the formation of another half-circle formed on it.

SPR 2284

Fixed bug in which an unspecified BC was not assigned during the playback of a Glyph script.

SPR 2287

Resolved a bug in which an intersection curve was not formed when performing an intersection of a database plane and a trimmed surface.

SPR 2294

Resolved bug that caused a bad initialization to occur when creating a singular domain in which the pole was in both computational directions.

SPR 2296

Resolved bug that caused a segmentation violation when a database intersection was performed whenever a Glyph script variable was set to a certain value.