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Gridgen Version 14.03 R1

August 2002

Permutations of SPR 2124 exist in Version 14.02. This bug affected any Gridgen file containing a 3D structured block with more than one domain on any face. Additional patches for SPR 2124 have been incorporated into Version 14.03. Files read into 14.01 or 14.02 that were corrupted by the bug should be fixed if read directly into 14.03.

Version 14.03 includes the following new features in addition to maintenance upgrades.

  1. Additional Glyph support for db commands.
  2. Due to a resolved SPR, IGES database files used in versions of Gridgen prior to V14.03 need to be saved as composite database (.dba) files to be used for import into V14.03. This step is necessary to maintain associativity between the Gridgen (.gg) file and the database.
  3. In Analysis Software, the CFD Solver Splitflow is now supported for export.

SPR 1308

Resolved bug in which "Reverse the Offset" could not be used in the DB COMMANDS menu while journaling.

SPR 2146

Fixed bug that caused empty domains to be created using On DB Entities while in the Domain Create menu.

SPR 2162

Fixed bug that prevented Block rotation extrusion from changing when the direction was changed.

SPR 2163

Fixed bug that produced errors when writing Gridgen files out to CFD++.

SPR 2165

Resolved bug which would not allow an unstructured domain to be created from two connectors while journaling.

SPR 2167

Fixed bug that caused a Gridgen segmentation dump when the examine command was used on a unstructured block after earlier being used on a structured block. This bug also manifested while changing Solver Attributes in Unstructured solver.

SPR 2171

Fixed bug which created problems in the NPARC export filter for Structured Grids.

SPR 2172

Fixed bug which caused segmentation dump for CFX-5 export in binary or ascii format.

SPR 2174

Resolved bug that corrupted an existing mesh if an imported block was appended to the existing domains/blocks and had more than one domain on a given face. This bug manifested itself when blocks were imported in different orders.

SPR 2175

Fixed bug which caused Gridgen to crash when changing the domain TFI to Polar TFI.

SPR 2178

Fixed bug which generated an extra block when a block was copied by rotation.

SPR 2181

Resolved problem involving lost connector distributions when redistributing connectors.

SPR 2183

Fixed bug which caused a core dump when assembling faces for structured block creation using AutoSave Face.

SPR 2184

Fixed bug responsible for segmentation dumps during translational extrusion.

SPR 2190

Resolved bug responsible for playback failure of Glyph script which involves the gg::blkSpecifyIJK command.

SPR 2191

Resolved bug that caused initialization of Glyph scripts to fail while journaling using certain ASW software choices.

SPR 2192

Resolved problem with Custom BC's set in Glyph scripts. During playback of scripts, bug would not always correctly set boundaries involving Custom BC's.

SPR 2216

Fixed bug related to the DEC version of the tetrahedral mesher. The most recent executables are now being used for the DEC platform.