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Gridgen Version 14.02 R1

June 2002

All users should upgrade to Version 14.02 immediately in order to benefit from a fix for SPR 2124. This bug in Version 14.01 corrupts any Gridgen file containing a 3D structured block with more than one domain on any face. The bug manifests itself as failure during operations that affect the grid's topology such as block splitting. The fix in v14.02 detects the corruption during Gridgen (.gg) file import and uncorrupts the data in most cases.

Gridgen Version 14.02 includes the following new features in addition to maintenance upgrades.

  1. Additional Glyph support for Analysis Software commands.
  2. The Alt key (instead of the Shift key) is now being used in conjunction with the Rotation keys to produce single-increment rotations.

SPR 1351

Fixed bug that kept CATIA files from being imported into Gridgen.

SPR 1359

Resolved bug involving the redimensioning of domains on an STL database.

SPR 1971

Fixed bug that caused errors when importing a STEP file and produced no model. The presence of a non-splinable model in a STEP file no longer keeps Gridgen from reading in other entities.

SPR 1989

Resolved bug preventing the import of CATIA Version 4 files into Gridgen.

SPR 2092

Resolved bug so that a view can now be aligned with a projection vector.

SPR 2093

Curves which don't belong to a face (defined as wire bodies in CATIA files) are now treated explicitly and will show up when the CATIA file is imported into Gridgen.

SPR 2096

Fixed bug that initialized the focus mode to All regardless of the number of entities selected. Gridgen now initializes focus to Focus when a single entity is selected and All when multiple entities are selected.

SPR 2098

Fixed bug so that blocks created by path based extrusion will now conform to the path of extrusion.

SPR 2113

Fixed bug that caused block extruded by path based extrusion to be created in the opposite direction of the path when created by a script.

SPR 2115

Fixed installation bug for installing multiple hardware types from the CD onto a UNIX system.

SPR 2119

Fixed bug which caused Gridgen to have a segmentation fault whenever a VRML file with invalid faces was imported.

SPR 2120

Resolved problem with importing ACIS file into Gridgen. Curves which don't belong to a face in ACIS files (wire curves) are now read into Gridgen during import.

SPR 2123

Fixed bug which caused data imported and saved in Version 14.01 to become corrupted. This bug was only seen in cases where there was a block that contained a face with more than one domain or if any of the Block Modify commands were used. No other functions were affected. Users should immediately upgrade to Maintenance Release 14.02.

SPR 2125

Resolved bug which kept Gridgen exported WIND files from being read into WIND software.

SPR 2127

Fixed bug so that redimensioning multiple connectors is now journaled.

SPR 2132

Gridgen now exports Fluent Version 5 2D data correctly when porous jump boundary condition is used between blocks.

SPR 2136

Minimum and maximum i, j, and k values can now be input through the "Move o via Keyboard" command.

SPR 2131

Glyph's gg::domUnsSolver command no longer rejects empty domains. Gridgen can also now import empty domains without causing a segmentation violation.

SPR 2138

Fixed bug which caused a segmentation violation when joining connectors.

SPR 2150

Fixed bug which kept Modify Scale command from accepting a scale factor with a zero component.

SPR 2158

Fixed bug that caused a segmentation fault whenever the minimum and maximum were manually set while using Examine mode in the Analysis S/W section.