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Gridgen Version 13.3.8 - August 2000

SPR 13.0413

A minor formatting error in one of the tet mesher's warning messages was fixed.

SPR 13.0504

Fixed a failure that resulted from trying to extrude multiple domains simultaneously.

SPR 13.0511

Some older tutorial files contain invalid settings for the minimum and maximum color bar values (10-9 and 109, respectively) for Jacobians in the Examine command so that the Reset command must be used.

SPR 13.0515

Fixed a problem with IGES import failures caused by trimmed periodic surfaces.

SPR 13.0520

Changed the behavior of the Database Delete command so that after deletion the Browser is displayed again (to be consistent with the behavior of the Delete command for the grid entities).

SPR 13.0523

Fixed a bug on the NT version that would result in failure when moving the hiliter while examining a 2D block.

SPR 13.0527

Using the hyperbolic solver to extrude a structured domain from connectors while constraining the domain to the database would sometimes fail on the first marching step if the vector method of specifying the marching direction had been used. This has been fixed.

SPR 13.0529

When domains are projected onto the database their solver attributes are updated to include the database entities they were projected onto.

SPR 13.0531

Changed the Examine command so that the Jacobian is not recalculated when the user simply changes which cells to view (positive, positive skew, etc.).

SPR 13.0533

Fixed a problem with export of 2D blocks for the WIND solver.

SPR 13.0539

A problem in the GUI for the Examine command would check the subfunction boxes for one function when the subfunction boxes for another function where checked. For example, picking the On and Off buttons when using the DB function would also check the Jacobian buttons for Positive and Zero. This has been fixed.

SPR 13.0540

Fixed a formatting problem for FLUENT v4 files.

SPR 13.0542

Made several improvements to the algebraic extrusion techniques, especially for prisms. The improvements concentrate on the smoothing techniques used to extrude out of convex corners. Note that due to these improvements it will not be possible to exactly reproduce grids extruded using previous Gridgen releases.