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Gridgen Version 13.3.7 - April 2000

SPR 13.0424

A minor bug was fixed that caused the Save the Face button to become grayed-out when the zoom box was used during face creation.

SPR 13.0466

Instead of not initializing an unstructured domain when the initial triangulation on the database failed, Gridgen would sometimes keep a very bad surface triangulation. This has been corrected.

SPR 13.0494

Gridgen's volume grid node numbering scheme would get messed up when the tetrahedral mesher inserted points into the triangulated regions of a block's face and when that same block also had quadrilateral domains on its face (requiring the addition of pyramids to the volume mesh). This bug would manifest itself as a long list of error messages written to the shell window during Gridgen (.gg) file import or during FV-UNS file export. This problem has been fixed.

SPR 13.0495

A hot key collision was removed from the Domain Create menu by changing the Previous Edge button's hot key to b.

SPR 13.0496

Failures during database curve creation via surface extraction on the Compaq/DEC have been fixed.

SPR 13.0501

Changed the Examine command's Blackboard text to clarify what the focus entity is and how many entities are being examined.

SRP 13.0502

Fixed an insidious bug that prevented blocks with poles from being created.