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Gridgen Version 13.3.6 - April 2000

SPR 13.0388

Fixed three problems with Gridgen's interface to INCA v2: the number of cells required in the ghost cell layer, 2D grids with multiple flow boundary conditions on one face, and formatting of the generic boundary conditions.

SPR 13.0420

Improved Gridgen's ability to initialize unstructured domains, even in cases where the domain's perimeter is a complex 3D shape.

SPR 13.0430

Improved Gridgen's surface triangulator for cases in which an unstructured domain spanned multiple database surfaces.

SPR 13.0440

Fixed several small problems with the copying of a grid point distribution from one connector to another, especially when used in conjunction with the ReDimension command.

SPR 13.0445

Made two changes to the CFX-4 interface to better handle user-created boundary conditions. Also fixed a minor problem in the computation of interblock connections for CFX-4.

SPR 13.0450

An error was fixed in the database naming convention applied to wireframe models from PLOT3D files that caused grid-database associativity errors.

SPR 13.0452

The database export command would not appear in the I/O menu if the database consisted of only a single note entity. This has been fixed.

SPR 13.0453

Fixed a problem in the block extrusion command that would result in a failure if the same domain was picked twice for the initial front.

SPR 13.0454

A serious problem was corrected that caused unstructured domain creation to fail if the domain's bounding loop was defined in one direction but would work correctly if the loop was defined in the opposite direction.

SPR 13.0455

Pyramid elements are now exported to PATRAN as collapsed hexahedra.

SPR 13.0456

Due to a missing keysym on Windows, the help hot key (?) would not work on NT. This has been corrected.

SPR 13.0461

Gridgen now checks for a bogus distribution function on a connector prior to application of new spacing constraints in order to prevent failures.

SPR 13.0462

Fixed a minor ambiguity in the Merge command that could cause unexpected results if the connector tolerance was smaller than the node tolerance.

SPR 13.0465

Setting the "left_pick" flag via GCL now works.

SPR 13.0467

A sanity check on a database entity's display attributes has been added to composite (.dba) file import to prevent bogus attributes from causing entities to disappear.

SPR 13.0468

Made the relationships between various tolerances more consistent to handle backward compatibility issues and to prevent odd behavior such as grid points being projectable only onto a trimmed surface's boundary.

SPR 13.0471

Fixed an ugly problem in adding a segment to a new connector by copying an existing connector and then trying to place one of it's nodes by picking. The ugliness was the creation of new pairs of nodes each time the copied connector was moved.

SPR 13.0474

Fixed a bad bug in the line singularity (pole) detection code when exporting structured hex grids to FLUENT v5.

SPR 13.0475

Fixed an error in pyramid cell export to FV-UNS files.

SPR 13.0476

Added missing code that ensures that unstructured domains that have only been initialized (and not run in the unstructured solver) on their default database entities retain their correct shape when automatically reinitialized during Gridgen (.gg) file import.

SPR 13.0477

Gridgen now limits the parametric values that may be typed-in for a database-constrained point's coordinates to those of the trimmed surface, not the underlying untrimmed surface.

SPR 13.0478

If a structured domain had been projected onto the database, when it was run in the elliptic PDE solver with the shape attribute set to database no default entities were selected. This has been fixed.

SPR 13.0479

Added a new button to the Merge command called "Update Doms" that when pressed causes domain grids to be reinitialized so that the results of merging are immediately visible.

SPR 13.0480

Changed the order of some operations in the On DB Ents command for domain creation to not only ensure that the domain is assigned to the correct database entity but to ensure that the domain attains the correct shape.

SPR 13.0481

Sub-blocks sometimes didn't survive the joining of their parent block with another block. This has been fixed.

SPR 13.0484

Added special logic to joining connectors across a periodic seam on a database entity.

SPR 13.0485

Using the maximum angular deviation constraint to distribute points along a connector is now a lot more robust for connector's with internal slope discontinuities.

SPR 13.0487

Removed spurious warning messages about deleted nodes that were printed to the shell window during the Grid Redimension command.

SPR 13.0489

Fixed a problem with the drawing of very short subconnectors that caused failures in the Set Delta Values command.

SPR 13.0490

Increased the number of digits used to print the number of cells to the Blackboard in the Examine command for blocks.

SPR 13.0492

Made consistent the Blackboard description of maximum turning angle and maximum deviation clustering constraints between the Defaults and ReDimension commands.