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Gridgen Version 13.3.5 - 20 February 2000

SPR 13.0112

Improvements to the IGES file reader allow trimmed surfaces with sloppier trimming curves to be imported.

SPR 13.0403

Fixed a problem that resulted in really thick lines when you aborted from the Linewidth command in the Display menu.

SPR 13.0404

Repaired a typographical error in unstructured (triangular) domain export that would report the number of cells in the file as zero.

SPR 13.0405

Saving an RGB formatted screen capture to a file for which you do not have write privileges would not report the error, leading you to believe that the image was saved correctly. This error is now reported.

SPR 13.0406

The On DB Ents command for automatic domain creation would go into an infinite loop if cases where connector splitting was required as part of the clean-up step. This has been fixed.

SPR 13.0408

The structured domain elliptic PDE solver was would fail if a grid point's neighbors lay on either side of a seam in a periodic database surface due to the large jump in parametric coordinates. Special code was inserted to handle correctly cases like this.

SPR 13.0409

Computation of the physical cutting plane's extent box in Block Examine was changed to account properly for all picked blocks when in Global mode.

SPR 13.0411

Fixed the Extract command in the Database Create menu.

SPR 13.0412

Fixed a minor problem with the distribution of grid points on connectors that are split that might result in poorly enforced end point spacing constraints.

SPR 13.0414

A formatting error in the tetrahedral solver would print strange messages to the shell window. This has been fixed.

SPR 13.0415

When given a choice, Gridgen no longer tries to join blocks on a pole face.

SPR 13.0416

Fixed an inaccuracy in the Unstructured Solver's blackboard count of a block's prism cells.

SPR 13.0417

Domains that belonged to disabled blocks were inadvertently unavailable for creating new blocks. This has been fixed.

SPR 13.0418

Changed the default scheme for Apply To buttons in the elliptic PDE solver's attribute setting menu. If more than one grid is picked for the solver the default is Apply To All. Otherwise, the default is Apply To Focus.

SPR 13.0419

Repaired an error in the calculation of the twist vectors in Ortho TFI.

SPR 13.0421

Export of 2D unstructured (triangular) grid blocks was broken for any block containing more than one domain. This has been fixed.

SPR 13.0423

Fixed several errors with the triangular grid solver that prevented domain grids from being initialized properly.

SPR 13.0425

Made consistent the calculation of normal vectors on trimmed and untrimmed surfaces to prevent triangular grid refinement problems near surface boundaries.

SPR 13.0427

When creating an unstructured block it was possible to save the face and/or block before it was complete if the Merge Linked Conns toggle button was enabled. This has been fixed.

SPR 13.0431

Added a trap to the structured volume grid computation of foreground control functions to catch pole (singular) boundaries that showed up on Windows machines.

SPR 13.0433

Added additional logic to the elliptic PDE solver for database constrained structured grids to handle solving on doubly periodic database surfaces.

SPR 13.0434

The number of allowable user-created boundary conditions in the Analysis Software menu has been increased to 200 and logic was added to the Gridgen file import step to detect and properly handle duplicate created-bc names.

SPR 13.0435

Fixed an error in picking points from database surfaces with a triangulated rendering.

SPR 13.0436

Removed an erroneous printing of "PostScript Printing is Off" from the IrisGL version of Gridgen for SGI.

SPR 13.0438

The numerical value of a hexahedral cell's Jacobian now accurately reflects its volume and not just the average of its corner's triple products as in previous versions.

SPR 13.0439

A reversed connector might be loaded improperly into the extrusion path for creating a domain. This has been fixed.

SPR 13.0441

Fixed a sorting problem with items in the Blackboard when you entered the elliptic PDE solver using the Restart w/ other grids button.

SPR 13.0442

Corrected the default extension for FIELDVIEW Boundary Files to be fvbnd.

SPR 13.0444

Repaired a problem with CFX-5 grid export that did not properly count wedge elements in structured blocks with poles.

SPR 13.0446

Fixed the calculation of coordinate derivatives in 2D blocks that would cause failure when Examining a 2D block using the hiliter.

SPR 13.0449

Enhanced the agglomeration of boundary condition regions for FLUENT.