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Gridgen Version 13.3.11 - August 2001

Gridgen Version 13.3.11 features three new features in addition to maintenance upgrades.

  1. A Linux port is now available.
  2. An interface to the NCC flow solver has been added.
  3. Optional zone merging capability has been added to the Fluent v5 export. When enabled this feature combines regions of common boundary condition into a single zone. It can literally reduce the number of zones in a Fluent case file from 100s to a handful.

SPR 13.0269

Fixed a bug encountered on Compaq/DECs that resulted in core dumps when importing IGES files containing bounded surface entities.

SPR 1091

Fixed bug encountered in Windows resulting in a core dump when creating Domains using On DB Ents, and selecting All entities.

SPR 1092

Zoom box can now be used when the tet mesher comes back with an error and the highlighted cells remain highlighted.

SPR 1096

Fixed bug to display block face attributes in the Display Commands menu.

SPR 1100

Fixed bug to export blocks with singular faces to Fluent V5.

SPR 1103

Resolved h hot key in the Redimension Grids command.

SPR 1105

Removed the error that caused grid point distribution to be lost when joining connectors.

SPR 1108

Removed the error that caused grid point distribution to be lost when modifying connectors with the MRQS distribution function and adding a control point to a sub-connector.

SPR 1110

Resolved the problem of importing composite files together into the same Gridgen session.

SPR 1125

Fixed bug that produces a gap between two segments after one of the segments has been modified.

SPR 1127

Fixed error that causes Gridgen to core dump when creating the remaining missing domain for completing a block.

SPR 1129

Fixed the error that caused the Display menu's Edit Displa andEn/Disable buttons to be grayed out after block creation.

SPR 1133

Enhancment to the export filter for Fluent V5, allowing the export of adjacent blocks with pole faces.

SPR 1134

Fixed the bug causing segmented connectors to revert to a line segment after erasing several segments of the same connector.

SPR 1136

Fixed the graphic display problem when creating 2Pt Connectors.

SPR 1137

Resolved the problem of retriangulating an empty domain after redistributing the grid points on connectors.

SPR 1140

Fixed the problem of the graphics display window locking up when enabling trimmed surfaces database entities in the DB Enable menu.

SPR 1142

Repaired menu and diagnostics text flickering for HP FXE machines.

SPR 1144

Fixed the bug causing some domains to be deleted when translating via delta x,y,z.

SPR 1145

Resolved some minor issues regarding the PLOT3D export filter, no longer possible to select PLOT3D filter for exporting unstructured grids.

SPR 1148

Jacobians are correctly displayed for structured 2D grids.

SPR 1150

Fixed the bug causing the q hot key to be used twice in the ReDistribute menu.

SPR 1154

Grayed-out Join command as Gridgen does not allow unstructured blocks to be joined.

SPR 1158

Fixed bug causing the display attributes to be ignored in composite files.

SPR 1159

Fixed bug to allow grid points to be redistributed using the -1 constraint.

SPR 1169

Resolved the problem of exporting Porous-Jump boundary conditions in Fluent V5.

SPR 1172

Improved data management in handling database files.

SPR 1181

Resolved problem of building a structured blocks using singular faces.

SPR 1195

Implemented logic to remove disabled entities from the Browser.

SPR 1201

Modified logic to prevent deletion of domains during modification of connectors.