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Gridgen Version 13.3.10 - March 2001

Gridgen Version 13.3.10 features a few new capabilities that should be noted. Of primary interest is the ability to create and support export of baffles. There is also a new CustomBCs tool under the Analysis Software Command menu. With this tool users can now edit and remove their custom BCs. Finally, many of our unstructured grid users will be happy to note an added attribute for the block Solver Unstructured which provides additional control over tetrahedra volume/density. All of these new commands are descibed in the update to the online help available to be downloaded from our ftp site.

SPR 13.0269

Fixed a bug encountered on Compaq/DECs that resulted in core dumps when importing IGES files containing bounded surface entities.

SPR 13.0429

Gridgen's tri mesher is now more robust in its ability to initialize the mesh on complex domains, especially after joining domains and re-initializing.

SPR 13.0451

Fixed a cross-platform problem with the import of bounded surface entities from IGES files.

SPR 13.0463

Resolved an issue involving import of composite files from releases prior to v13.3.4 and which also contained bounded surface entities.

SPR 13.0470

Fixed a data transfer error which prevented certain large models from running properly in the tetrahedral mesher under the Solver Unstructured menu.

SPR 13.0517

Improved IGES translator in order to properly handle a special case of bounding curve topology for bounded surface import.

SPR 13.0524

The Demote feature in Gridgen was performing a redraw erroneously when entering the Connector Commands menu for any reason, even when returning from a connector sub-menu. This redraw problem has been eliminated.

SPR 13.0550

CRUNCH was added to the list of supported Analysis Software packages. See Section 16 of the Gridgen User Manual.

SPR 13.0585

Non-platform specific import errors regarding boundary curves and bounded surfaces were resolved.

SPR 13.0591

Removed error causing prism extrusion to hang Gridgen when actually saving the extruded block.

SPR 13.0593

Using the Align command under Block modification caused periodic relationships to be cleared. This has been fixed.

SPR 13.0594

Corrected inconsistencies which caused a few Gridgen Command Language (GCL) commands to exit during execution within the GUI.

SPR 13.0596

Repaired export filter for writing BC information for the Lockheed Martin Falcon flow solver.

SPR 13.0599

Fixed a problem that would not allow proper import of v6 or v8 Gridgen restart files on either Windows or DEC systems.

SPR 13.0601

Eliminated a small error that allowed Gridgen to create duplicate default block names.

SPR 13.0603

Fixed a problem which caused the circular connector cursor in the Redistribute command to behave erratically for certain grid point distributions.

SPR 13.0605

Using the Shift+Pick tool to obtain coordinates for connector nodes failed for certain models and has been fixed.

SPR 13.0606

Resolved an issue regarding simultaneous initialization of three or more unstructured blocks.

SPR 13.0608

Fixed a problem causing some 2D grids to be listed in the BC set command with only "Jmin" edges.

SPR 13.0609

Inconsistency in procedure and resulting grid topology between STL ascii and binary file import has been resolved.

SPR 13.0610

Changed logic which allowed accidental entry of a negative value for spacing and angle Decay Factor for the foreground attributes under the Solver Structured command.

SPR 13.0614

Fixed a problem with the Merge command which was assigning the wrong node location to a newly split connector.

SPR 13.0615

Changed diagnostic feedback logic which improperly rendered degenerate surface triangles that may be mistakenly used in block faces sent to the tetrahedral solver using Initialize under Solver Unstructured.

SPR 13.0618

Resolved various minor IGES import errors with additional enhancements to Gridgen's translator that account for certain definitions in IGES files that are not true to the specification.

SPR 1076

Added logic to properly maintain extruded block definitions after a manual or automatic topology swap takes place. The symptoms of this corruption in the definition of affected extruded blocks does not appear until the blocks are exported for flow solver use.

SPR 1109

Resolved a problem which caused loss of all grid associativity to the underlying database model after deletion of two or more database entities.

SPR 1114

Logic has been added, in addition to GUI changes in block face creation, which allows the user to create baffle surfaces in the interior of their blocks. These interior surface grids which represent no physical thickness may or may not be attached to the block's outer perimeter. They can be left as flow-through and thus allow a type of cluster control on block interiors, or they can be set as wall boundaries and used as true baffles. Please see Sections 8 and 16 in the Gridgen User Manual for additional information.

SPR 1115

Capability was added to allow editing and deletion of user-created boundary conditions. Please see Section 16 in the Gridgen User Manual.

SPR 1116

Enhancements have been made to improve the export filter for CFX-4.

SPR 1117

A change was made to allow further control of which connectors are allowed as Merge candidates. This topological filter tool is found in the Connector Commands menu, as well as, in block face creation and domain creation. Please see the description for this tool in Section 14.10.

SPR 1118

In order to give users more control over the tetrahedra generated by the Solver Unstructured tool, a new Grid Control Parameter, Tetra Size Factor, has been added. Please see Section 11.6 for more information.